5 Best Concealers in India

(by Author Sanchita)

Concealers are very essential that perfect base makeup. These days concealers are used not just to hide blemishes or other flaws but also to brighten up your skin (thanks to famous contouring techniques). You can use a concealer to brighten up the dull areas like the skin under your eyes, high points of the face, hide uneven complexion around your mouth or maybe just dab a little bit on your acne to give you an instant fresh and flawless look.

It is not just the coverage you look for in a concealer, I would say the formula is equally important. This is because if the formula is not blendable, you just cannot make it work, no matter how good the shade is for you. If the concealer remains unblended, it ends up looking patchy and will ruin the look. Moreover, a concealer needs to be set with a powder to prevent creasing especially around the mouth and under the eyes.

With so many concealers in the market, how do you choose the perfect match for your skin? Well, here’s the list of the best concealer in the market right now. Scroll down to know the top 5 concealers …

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer  –

Price : Rs. 1450 for 9ml

mac prolongwear

Everyone might say that MAC costs big bucks but can you simply deny the quality it delivers? No, surely not. The Pro Longwear Concealer is another charming one from the range of MAC’s. It comes in a sturdy transparent and matte black combo packaging. It has a convenient pump dispenser to take out the product without any hygiene issues. The number of shades available is enormous with the proper undertones (warm and cool tones) and hence you won’t have to worry about getting the perfect one for your complexion. Coming to its consistency, it has a rather creamy consistency which is neither too runny nor too thick.

Having said that, it is extremely light weight and blends with ease. It gives you enough time to spread and blend the product the way you want rather than creasing or accentuating to fine lines or dry patches. It settles to a comfortable semi-matte finish. Also, you need a little amount to blend it in and the bottle will last a long time. The concealer, once set with a powder, lasts for a long time without creasing or fading. Speaking of the coverage, it gives a nice medium to heavy coverage which looks flawless and natural.

Inglot Freedom System Concealer  –

Price : Rs. 350 for 1.3gm

inglot cream shadow

Inglot is a brand which is known to be the safest dupe of MAC products with a lesser price tag. The Inglot Freedom System is one of the most popular one where refills are available for lipsticks, eyeshadows and concealer at your convenience. You can make your own customized palette or even quartets or simply buy the refills. The concealer comes in a round refill which can be further placed in a palette of your choice. It has more than 22 shades available with warm and cool undertones ranging from fair to dark complexions. Hence, you are bound to find your ideal match without any issues.

The concealer is very creamy in texture and best applied with a brush to get an even look. It doesn’t need to be dragged but mere dabbing will give a nice coverage. Also, due to its creamy texture, it is extremely hydrating. Thus, it is great for the under eye area which tends to get dry. It doesn’t settle down to fine lines and hence gives ample amount of time to work with. The coverage is medium and gives an even flawless concealing to the dark circles, discolorations and pigmentation. Once set with powder, it lasts for quite a long time with creasing.

L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Concealer –

Price : Rs 945 for 5.2 ml

loreal true match

This Super Blendable Concealer from L’Oréal is quite a popular one in the Indian market. It comes in a sleek and slender cylindrical bottle with a screw cap that has a slim brush attached to it, very similar to a nail lacquer brush. It is extremely light weight and efficient in terms of packaging and easy to carry around. The brush attached is a great once which can be directly applied to the areas to be concealed. The consistency is creamy-liquid sot of which isn’t runny but light enough to blend in. you can blend it with the fingers or simple simply a duo fiber brush to blend on the area.

The formula is really a great one to work with even for beginners. The coverage is sheer to medium but if you have deep dark circles, you surely need a color corrector. The finish is semi-dewy with a seamless look to it. You also use a shade lighter than you skin tone for highlighting (bridge of nose, under eyes, chin, cupid’s bow, above the eye brow arch, high points of cheeks, below contour line and brow bone) and it will give you a nice brighten look if you don’t want the shimmery highlighting look. The shade card is something to be improved by L’Oréal and quite a limited one.

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Crème  –

Price : Rs 350 for 4 mlkrolan concealer

Kryolan is a brand which is recommended and used by most of the makeup artists not only in India but also in the west as well. The USP of this brand is that it is not only good in terms of quality but the number of shades available is colossal. The Dermacolor Camouflage Crème is a multipurpose product which can be used as a foundation, concealer as well as color corrector. It comes in a small tub packaging with a sea-green screw cap which is convenient enough to carry around for travelling and takes very minimum space as possible. The price is extremely budget friendly and one of the advantages of Kryolan products.

It is also available in a palette form with 12 different shades and different undertones as well. The consistency of the product is of thick creamy one and needs to be warmed up between the fingers. Once I visited a MUA who explained me that when this concealer is used in the right way, can look flawless. The trick I to warm up the product between fingers (rather than using a brush) and simply pat the product to blend and not drag it. It surely takes time when I used this technique and surely it looks natural. I needs to be set with powder and stays for a long time.

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer –

Price : Rs 900 for 3.5 glakme concealer

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist has an amazing combo of foundation and concealer with has excellent formula to work with. The concealer comes in a slender cylindrical plastic bottle with a glossy black screw cap. The cap has the regular doe footed applicator wand attached to it which helps to apply the concealer and also spread it well. It is extremely small and a light weight one to carry around. The consistency is of liquid (not a runny one) and the formula is such that it blends in easily and gives a flawless smooth look, just like your natural skin tone. The coverage is medium and evens outs without looking ashy.

Once you blend it well, it gives a nice semi-matte look. However, it does creases if not set properly with a nice loose powder (baking works great with this concealer underneath). It has moisture and hydrates the eye area without looking oily. Now, the shade card is quintessential Lakme which very limited shades. But, good thing is that it has a lot of yellow/semi-orange undertones which would cater the needs of most of the Indian skin tones at large. The staying power is around 8hours which is great and hardly fades away.


BnB Editor Shreya Says, “I’m currently trying & testing Maybelline Fit ME, MAC pro-longwear, NARS creamy radiant concealer. Summer makes it hard to figure out which concealer does it job best. I loved Sanchita’s list and wish to try the Inglot one soon.”

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