Hello, Gorgeous Women… I hope you all are doing great with your health and lifestyle. And in regard to fashion, I am sure you must be keeping your fashionista chic looks updated and high as always.

How about your summers? Isn’t it getting so arduous to live in such a hot weather which is soaring day by day? I am sure most of us must be facing the same old typical problem of whether to wear those short and chic apparels or not in such scorching heat. It is terribly hot and this big ball of fire feels no pity for us… My God…I wonder whether a day would come in the entire summer season when we actually get our hands on the kind of apparel that make us comfortable as well as make us stand apart in the crowd. My recently bought tops are all are waiting in the wardrobe for that day when they would be on my skin and I will be able to flaunt them in style all around the streets.

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Buying the voguish tops for women and other apparels never comes to an end, whether it is burning hot or the chilly freezing weather, but using them as per the season definitely does. And sometimes, this climate is so harsh and rude to our beautiful, gorgeous and glowing skins that even the cotton clothes feel like pinches in the summers and the woollen clothes feel like breezy nets in the winters. Oh God!!! Please save us from such harshness!!! What wrong have we done to you?

Who knows when is the almighty going to revert? I think it is the time that we only need to modify our latest dress designs according to the temperature so that neither he feels bad about it and nor our trendy styles fade away before time. This soaring temperature makes me so aggressive that I feel even hotter and feel like wearing nothing but spaghetti and tank tops for women. But is it the only thing that is left for me to look stylish and trendy? No ways… if not now then when am I going to be classy and elegant… Obviously not in my late 80s (I hope to stay alive by that time…). Most of you would also be feeling the same to have as much style and fashion now as who knows what is in the future. And for all such beautiful women who want to make the most of today, no matter what the temperatures are outside, today’s blog is all about. Today I will be showing a few latest dress designs and designer tops for women, which can be donned in the peak hot days to look effortlessly chic and stylish. These chic and funky apparels are just the right things for you to be as cool as the sun is hot to offer it a tough competition. Let the sun raise its bar and we will show him that we are not scared of him, no fears of tanning or heavy sweats, we will carry our most favorite outfits in style and would steal the shows.

Well, to begin with…I want to ask you all what do you generally feel when getting dressed up for a particularly hot day. Either leaving for work or a for a casual day out… what things do you keep in mind for dressing up either in latest dress designs or stylish tops for women?

If you are unsure then let me tell you what could be the best possible factors that need to be taken into consideration before dressing up for the day:-

  1. Dress as light as possible:- Your apparels whether tops or dresses should be light in terms of colors and fabrics. The lighter you wear, the lighter you feel. This is a simple trick that must be considered while you shop for the summer dressings. Avoid the darker shades, as they absorb more heat and can make you sweat a lot resulting in fashion disasters. Cotton, linens are breathable fabrics that do not hold the perspiration for too long, instead quickly absorb and release it.
  2. Have breezy outfits:- The tops for women for the peak hot days should not be skin tight, these should be flowing and breezy which could let you breathe in. any skin fitted latest dress design outfit could make you more sweat and uncomfortable while you are working or traveling.
  3. Summer shoes:- For a cool and chic appearance, make sure you work with your summers shoes. Teaming up the right kind of shoes (sandals, bellies, gladiators, flip flops) would make you feel cool and would enhance the overall appearance of the ensemble.

The few tips and tricks could make your summer outfits way cooler than what you really feel. So now you could have the best of the tops for women in latest dress design for the uber chic looks. Now while you plan to buy tops for women in breathable fabrics then the prints and designs over the dresses and apparels should also be considered.

The first style of tops for women could be a floral printed shirt in polyester georgette. The polyester georgette is one of those breathable fabrics which allows you to don it now and then without any worries of soaring temperatures and hot climate. The fabric not only lets you perspire yet stay comfortable but also protects the skin from any sort of sun tanning. And so is the Stand Shirt from Stalkbuylove, this floral designed shirt could be one of the smart choices which women could team up with skirts, pants, a pair of denim, or shorts. Being unlined makes it a lighter fabric and the pleats at front transforms its looks to a stylish attire.

summer fashion1.jpg



When the latest dress design collaborates with the temperatures of the climate the resultant effect comes out to the best choice for everyone. This is what has been done with Vincent Top, during summers, it gets quite ill-fitting to wear something which covers the skin from all around and an opening from somewhere is required to breathe comfortably. The Vincent top has been designed the same way, the polyester georgette has been created with a unique cut-out style at back with a knot tie-up at back hem. Trust me ladies!!! You cannot have a better option to challenge the sun this season, this is going to make you win all the rounds of the game and would simultaneously make you feel the most stylish and super trendy while you walk on the streets.

summer fashion2.jpg


The third style which could be clothed in for the summer for an easy breezy look is generally a sleeveless top for women and I am sure most of us are having it and are are accustomed to it. But when you need to have a distinctive look then you could definitely try this Stylite Vest, which is going to make you stand apart in the crowd while proving to be a fashion summer staple. The denim vest is super chic in style fabricated in cotton spandex and is accentuated with pockets at front, fray edges at hem. The stylish apparel could be teamed up with skirts to work or college, or could even be used with a pair of shorts for the a nice casual day out on weekends to any of your favorite events or restaurants. Keeping ourselves cool while being dressy is the ultimate theme for us to achieve this summer which could be easily achieved by donning this denim vest.

summer fashion4.jpg


After all these styles, I have found one other quintessential top for women for this summer, which is as breezy as we look for. The off-shoulder style Paparazzi top in blue is my next choice which is perfect to be donned with a pair of denim, skirts or shorts. The polyester chiffon and knit viscose material are one of the most loved choices in fabrics for the season due to its lightweight and breathable properties. The same has been given a pinch of unique styling and creativity, to give birth to Blue Paparazzi top for the ultimate dapper looks for the women. This latest dress design top for me is a trendy style to be used up for my Sunday Brunches with my friends and family and I would even love to adorn this for my summer vacation. So my dear women!!! You must also try it out at and gain the entire attention from all.

summer fashion5.jpg



Saying that these are the only styles in tops for women would be unjustified. There are numerous varieties of latest dress designs available which are too cool to be donned especially on the hot peak days. I am not going to end this here with a few styles, would definitely come back next time with a few more classy tops and dresses which you would love to flaunt on your skin and a sexy figure to seek all those attentions from your handsome crush which you have been longing for.



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