No other season screams vacation more than summer does. Venice or Paris; Mexico or Australia, taking a trip with the girls or with the one you love is always a good idea during the warm season.

One headache that comes with travelling is packing, at least, that’s how it was for me for years until I learned to master the art of travelling light. You see, I love fashion and I love playing with my style whenever I am abroad but with travelling limitations, I really couldn’t just pack my whole closet.

It took trial and error and a couple of bad judgements but these days, travelling light and with style comes more naturally for me and the following are a few of the ways I have been able to do so.

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I always pack a number of dresses for my trips. You have a whole outfit set with just one dress and usually, a dress — unless it is a haute couture, tulle-like piece — takes up very little space in your luggage which means more space for other things. Dresses are easy, chic and they can be worn to anything from museums, to the beach or even for a romantic stroll in the city of lights.

Playsuits and Jumpsuits

Similar to dresses, with playsuits and jumpsuits you also have one outfit in that one piece. Moreover, if you prefer wearing trousers than dresses than jumpsuits are the way to go to save space and feel comfortable. From tailored, structured pieces to make you look sleek and sophisticated to flowy, loose numbers to take you tracking and swimming, these two fashion pieces are versatile and so easy to pack.

Lightweight pieces

Besides the onesies, I love to pack lightweight pieces that will not take too much space in my luggage. From silk blouses and peg trousers to simple T shirts and pleated skirts, these pieces will help you create some stylish looks without taking too much space.


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Forget the heels

As much as I love heels, I find that they take way too much space and besides, with so much walking that usually happens during my vacations — wandering through village streets and finding unexpected treasures — it seems impractical to wear heels on holiday. What I have been packing instead is beautiful ballet pumps and lace ups that compliment any of the fashion pieces I take with me — whether that’s dresses or jumpsuits. Besides, walking in pumps is far easier than in heels.

Choose your bulk

When the majority of the things you pack is lightweight, then you can afford to bring along something bulkier. A chunky cardigan for those chilly nights or a trench coat in case it rains; one pair of heels that you really must take with you or your staple black denim jeans are all things you can pack to travel light and with style.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to travel light? Share your thoughts below!

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