You may or may never head the term compounding pharmacy, but this article is here to provide you with information so you will understand what this type of pharmacy does and its importance.

Compounding pharmacies are in the news all the time, but it often on the negative side, we are not here to tell you the bad publicity of these pharmacies, but how they can actually help mankind.


A compound pharmacy’s job is to make drugs that are prescribed by a physician for certain patients that needs this type of medication but is not made available for everyone. Examples of these include drugs that may only be made in pill form, but a child could really benefit from the medication. A compounding pharmacy will create a liquid form of the medication and provide exact instructions on the usage to prevent over dosage. Another example is that a patient may need a specific medication; however, there is one ingredient in the drug that the person is allergic to that has nothing to do with the way the drug works. The compounding pharmacy will create the medication and remove the ingredient and ensure that the drug will still work on the patient’s issues.

The number of compounding pharmacies are increasing as so many drugs on the market do not meet the needs of patients across the globe. This means that there is a huge shortage of pharmacies that can really do this type of work and get it right. In the United States alone, there are 56,000 community pharmacies according to the IACP that serve physicians and patients.

On the other hand, there are only around 7,500 compounding pharmacies that do what is known as advanced compounding services. From these companies, there are some that are not as clean and sterile as they should be which brings on the bad publicity.

What is different with compounding pharmacies is that they are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration but by the state in which they reside. On the other turn of the coin, three government agencies do aid in regulating these pharmacies. These include the State Boards of Pharmacy that ensures that all state laws and regulations are followed properly and the FDA does in a specific way ensure the integrity of the drugs and the drugs that were used in the creation of the new medication, and the Drug Enforcement Administration handles the way in which any of the controlled substances are handled.

When a compounding pharmacy passes inspections and broad requirements they will also receive the official seal of approval from the Independent Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.

Compounding pharmacies are a necessity in our world today to ensure that medications can be properly created for specific individuals that may not be able to use the traditional medication for one reason or another. Of course, the controversy will continue as long as the big pharmaceutical companies have a hand in the pot.


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