Why to even think of travelling during summers, when your all beauty services are just a click away!

Mumbai roads loaded with so much of traffic create so many problems while travelling. With humidity content so high in the weather makes transportation difficult and troublesome. Under such circumstances, travelling down to the beauty parlor for beauty treatment is hectic and time consuming. What if you don’t have to step out of your house and get the needful beauty service at your home? You may think I have gone mad or I am kidding. Well, none of it. I am talking about beauty service at home in Mumbai.

beauty services

All the beauty treatment makes way to your home from leading website House joy. Where you just need to register your services, the date and time when you want to avail these services. Book an appointment and that’s it. You are all set to get overhauling of your beauty needs. At your selected date and time an expert beautician will visit your place and will meet the request/services booked by you.

Ample treatments are available at the site, namely, massage service at home in Mumbai, SPA services, beauty enhancement services, so on and so forth. You can get hair spa at home and that too at a reasonable rate. The beautician who will come to serve you are all trained and well versed in their work. She will meet your expectations with ease and comfort.

If your skin has starts showing the early sign of aging or that horrifying wrinkle appears on your face very next morning when you get up. Then you certainly need some serious solution to combat this and iron out those wrinkles and early aging skin from your skin. At this hour of need, what you need is regular facials. Opt for facial at home in Mumbai and get back your radiant and flawless skin back with a few clicks on your gadget.

You may be making regular visits to your beauty parlor at different time and on different dates. Like fortnightly for threading or once in a month for facial or waxing. Now you get an opportunity to get a combo of these services at the best price. This saves you from multiple booking of various beauty treatments and plus you enjoy the discounted price on these treatments.

To serve you with more and better enhanced services, Housejoy has come up with it referral program. That says, refer the services to your near and dear one and get rewarded in return. When you are satisfied with the services then you like to share your experience with your family and friends. That’s what you need to do is refer the service to them. You will get rewarded in terms of money for every referral made. Invite your friends to download the app and enjoy the services.



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