Want to jazz up for a party coming up? Stepping out of your comfort zone of donning your elegant little black dress every time you wish to make an impression needs more than just confidence. You need to know exactly what suits you the best. You might boast a great physique but that wouldn’t always help you make a style statement, especially while wearing something out of the ordinary.


Maxi dresses are the perfect ensemble for a diurnal event as well as those taking place at night. If you are worried about the kind of occasion you are headed to, you would hardly need to rethink your decision of donning a maxi dress with the kind of charm it holds, making it appropriate for any place and event. And considering its long length that abides by the dress codes that are followed in most corporate places, you could probably pull it off even at your workplace without attracting unwarranted attention. In fact, it would only serve to bring up your style quotient.

It is important, however, to know exactly how to go about choosing the right dress according to your body type. Here’s a gist of what suits you the best:

If you are particularly on the heavier side, choosing a dress that cinches at the waist is the best way to make you look slimmer. Wearing one without a cinch would probably end up making you look heftier than you already are. Go for a maxi dress with a high neckline to add to the elegance of the dress. Remember that choosing the right dress by keeping these pointers in mind can even make you look slimmer than you are, giving you the perfect go-to outfit when you wish you look exceptionally wonderful.

For those on the slimmer side, opt for dresses with ruffles and added flair. This could give you an appearance of being perfectly toned. Deep or plunging necklines are a good way to make the dress look just right but only if you can carry it off well. Dresses that are not tightly fitted are best in making you fill out the maxi dress perfectly. If you are slender but curvy, add a cute little belt to enhance those curves.

Those who are neither slender not chubby, but are curvy enough to pull off maxi dresses, a dress that skims beautifully instead of being snugly fitting will help in enhancing your features and curves stunningly. Bolder prints and large floral patterns are another way to flatter your look and complement your figure just right.


With Koovs offering in styles and cuts that are bound to make you the belle of the ball wherever you go, you can look your elegant best for any occasion. You can maxi dresses online find the best of the apparels from brands such as Vila, Spring Break, Catwalk, First and I, Femella, Urban Bliss, and much more, at amazing prices that would certainly make your wallets happy.

Available in various colours and price ranges, you can even choose a dress for yourself depending upon your size. What’s more? You can even select a dress by choosing the type of sleeves you prefer. So if you are one of those who loves covering up her arms, given the sweltering heat, you can find the perfect maxi dress online that suits your every preference. If you are doubtful of what would go best for which occasion, the dresses are also categorised by occasion, whether casual or party dresses.

So now that you know what type of maxi dress to go for, you are sure to find one that you make you feel like the diva you surely are.

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