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Hello Everyone,

Isn’t the blazing summer heat is making it unbearable for all of us? All I want to do is be in the shower or a relaxing pool. Of the late I have noticed that I spend hours online looking for a summery body wash that would keep me refreshed and rejuvenated for the entire day. My readers would know how much I drool over natural products and enjoy having a baby soft skin. Thanks to the sultry weather, it provoked me to look out for a new body wash in the market and to my luck.

I found this fabulous Wild Earth Woody Sandal face and body wash inside my #Monsoon OhCuteBox which is my current favorite and would recommend it to all. Read further to know why I am raving about this product!

Wild Earth Products


I love the packaging of the Wild Earth Woody Sandal face and body wash, as the rectangular box has the shades of green, which reminds me of the Wild Earth whereas the brown represents the sandalwood (my imagination). The body wash comes in a small, cylindrical bottle with golden screw cap and has a look of herbal product. The sturdy and travel friendly packaging reduces my worry of spillage.

I my crazy about sandalwood fragrance, it brings me closer to mother earth. Hence I instantly fell in love with the smell of body wash. The rich woody, warm sandalwood fragrance lingers over my body for a few hours, which makes me happy and stimulates to beat the heat! This is one of the reasons why I want to stay in the shower for long !

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Coming to the consistency, the body wash has a neutral texture neither runny nor creamy. Thus it has a light texture and easily lathers up making the shower experience easy and pleasant. The color of the body wash is brownish giving an essence of sandalwood. What I liked about this body wash is that being light, soft it does a good job of cleansing and moisturizing the body. As the product is chemical free, it is safe to use over the face.

The body wash is free of sulphates and parabens due to which it is soft on the skin doesn’t dry up the skin after the shower. What I like about this face wash is that it is best for all skin types, hence I didn’t have to worry about breakouts. As it has a powerful ingredient sandalwood, it evenly helps in de-stressing the mind and body, which is very much required after a long day at work. The goodness of sandalwood improves the skin texture and upon regular usage it brings a natural glow to the skin.

I apply a pea size of body wash over my loofah and apply it even over my body. If you don’t have a loofah, you can even apply the product directly over your skin, it would lather up and be equally effective.

After enjoying my summer vacation on sand and sun it is natural to get a suntan and sun burns. Post-Summer and Monsoon does troublesome things to my skin such as breakouts, acne, excessive facial oil, sun tan ! :-(
This body and face wash helped in fading these problems to an extent. How? Then it has the key ingredient sandalwood that has magical properties of removing sun tan, blemishes, soothing aches, sunburns. Isn’t that wonderful? Sandalwood aids in giving a bright, flawless skin and resolves most of the skin issues. Also sandalwood soaks up the sebum and excessive oil from the skin, which again is beneficial for oily skin people like me. We are in that part of the year where the rains would bring a relief from the scorching heat. Hence I find this product a perfect post summer product.


Price: Rs.250 (full-size) 

What I liked:
1. The face and body wash has sturdy packaging.
2. It is free from sulphates and parabens, hence safe for the skin.
3. Does not dry the skin.
4. The consistency of the product is light which makes it easy to apply.
5. The presence of sandalwood helps in reducing sun tan, blemishes.
6. Has a woody sandalwood fragrance that stays for long.
7. Sandalwood helps in soothing the sun burns, pimples.
8. The product can be used for all skin types.

What I didn’t like:
Nothing. Its a perfect body and face wash.

I would love to use the product again, I love the sandalwood fragrance and the various good things that it does to my skin. I recommend including this fabulous product in your monsoon beauty routine. :-)

BnB Ratings – 9.5/10

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