Medical Tests for Women Entering Their Forties

Crossing the “40” mark would not be very pleasant for women who want to remain “Forever Young”, but there is no escape route as well! You cannot delay the age, however you can always delay the ageing. Advances in medical science have made it possible for women to tackle the age related health issues in the most efficient manner. Health experts now recommend women to undergo following tests on crossing the age of 40, so that they can remain healthy and enjoy youthfulness forever.

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  1. Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most common medical tests conducted in order to check the general wellness of the person. Hypertension is the starting point for many other diseases like stroke, heart disease and kidney failure, which may be encountered once you cross 40. If your blood pressure reading fall under the normal range then you can go for this test once a year to ensure that things are on track.

  1. Blood Sugar

Rise in the blood sugar levels can be due to many reasons like heredity, weight gain, wrong eating habits, lack of activity and weakened pancreatic actions. The sugar test can be first conducted as fasting sugar level check and further if the need arises then your doctor would recommend advance tests. Mothers who may have suffered from gestational diabetes may not miss on this test at all as they are at higher risk. You can make this test yearly or even once in two years if the sugar level is in prescribed limits. Check with your medical practitioner to decide the right frequency of conducting this test.

  1. Mammogram and Breast Examination

Breast cancer is amongst the common threats for the women who enter their forties. External examination of breast would rule out the existence of tumor or abnormality to great extent, still you may get the mammogram done at regular intervals once you reach mid-forties. The American Cancer Society recommends this test for women who may have crossed 45 but yet if your doctor suggests then there is no harm conducting it post forty or even earlier.

  1. Thyroid Test

Your doctor would not miss out on this test at all once you start ageing. Though this comes under regular health check-up list, you should go for it even if you have symptoms like unexplained weight loss or weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings or any changes in your sleeping habits that raise concern. Thyroid test is done by taking the blood sample and is usually carried out with other tests.

  1. Cholesterol Profile

Cholesterol levels in your blood are responsible for cardiac failure to the large extent. Higher cholesterol can result from wrong diet and sedentary lifestyle. Controlling cholesterol is possible if you know it in time. Some changes in diet would change your cholesterol profile for good. There are medicines available too if your cholesterol levels are much beyond the prescribed limit. Include this in your blood test too.

Other tests include skin cancer screening that can be done by visual examination of any pencil eraser size irregular mole on the body. You may also go for pelvic examination and pap tests as suggested by your doctor.


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