As a woman with a focused determination to achieve my career goals, I have long been dealing with stressful and overwhelming wintry semesters at college, and as of two years ago, I have loaded up on the stress with long hours at work to get where I need to get in my career.

Leading this kind of lifestyle has made me dabble in habits that are not ideal for my healthlike having sugar whenever I am feeling tired and drinking a lot of coffee during those gloomy winter days, so that I prevent myself from slowing down.

Image via The Upside, Instagram

Image via The Upside, Instagram

It was only last winter that I realized I was stuffing myself with the wrong things to deal with the stress of work, which somehow feels even more overwhelming during the cold season. So, with a weary but hopeful state of mind, I decide to join a yoga class, as I had always read how this exercise would not only help me in a physical way but also mentally.

With around 50 classes under my belt, wide research on the best pieces of women’s activewear online to do yoga in style and with almost two winters spent practicing yoga, I can assure you that although I am not perfect in my habits, I have however, beat the winter blues and gained the mental peacefulness I needed to deal with everything I have going on, thanks primarily, to these three things which yoga has taught me.


Yoga helps us connect our body to our mind through the positions and the breathing. With continual practice, gaining self-awareness and becoming more in tune with the present moment, I have learnt to kick certain habits and to identify what I needed to change. These days, I think twice before I have coffee because I feel cold, rather, I try to go for a quick walk to warm up, thus gaining warmth and having a mental break.


If you are as career driven and as hungry as I am to achieve your goals, then you can relate when I tell you how many moments of anger and frustration I have gone through when things don’t go as I want them to go. Somehow, with winter being spent mostly indoors and with fewer meet ups with friends and loved ones, the stress level always feels higher. With yoga, although my drive is as strong as ever, I have nevertheless, learnt to appreciate what I have right now, rather than continually living for the next thing I want and being always nervous about everything.

Changing perspective

Yoga helps us to bring the present at the forefront of our thoughts thanks to its meditative moments of pure peacefulness that enable us to be more focused when we are dealing with tasks. As it is such a nurturing, rather than a competitive exercise, yoga is a great tool to help us change our perspective of things. I have often been guilty of snapping at those around me and being in a bad mood, especially on gloomy winter days but through yoga I have learnt how to change my perspective and become more serene and inwardly happy.

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