When it comes to wrist watches, there are two kinds of women in the world (I’m not even going to dignify those who don’t wear a watch, or worse still, rely on mobile phones for timekeeping) On the one hand, you have your functional folk for whom a watch is a reliable and utilitarian timekeeping tool. On the other, we have ladies who consider a watch to be more of an accessory, a style statement or a symbol of class and luxury. But when these two worlds collide, a breed of watch-wearers is born who appreciate the precision, performance and pulchritudinous beauty of a luxury watch, in equal parts.

For those lovely ladies, we present Cartier watches–the lovechild of fine watch-making and exquisite jewellery.

Back to the Roots: Cartier’s History in Jewellery

For those of you who didn’t know, the house of Cartier started out as a jewellery label in 1847. Rather, not just any ordinary jeweller, but, as in the words of King Edward VII, ‘the king of jewellers and jeweller of kings’. Cartier wasn’t just manufacturing jewellery, but creating beautiful works of art that belonged in kings’ and queens’ courtrooms. A favourite among royalty back in the day, today, Cartier watches in India are not limited to brick and mortar outlets; in fact online stores like Ethos Watch Boutiques are coming to the scenes, making it so much easier to grab an authentic Cartier.

Cartier’s Shift from Jeweller to Watchmaker

At the time, the focus of fine timekeeping was largely to keep the machinery ticking, and evolving the technologies, with classical designs monopolising the trade –which led Cartier to question the status quo.

Cartier saw a glimmer of opportunity in the watch-making industry, and was quick to grab it. Taking the ‘luxury’ in ‘luxury watch-making’ to a whole new level, Cartier ventured into the business of timekeeping, and shined it up with the brilliant dazzle of superior-quality precious metals and gems. And so Cartier rebranded completely as ‘jeweller watchmaker’, at the turn of the 20th century, when bejewelled watch-making was practically unheard of –and set on its path to making our world a more beautiful place to be.

Cartier –A Class Apart

Taking the best of both worlds, Cartier watches have become the obvious choice for the lady who likes her glitter and glam tossed with cultured and refined luxury watch-making. Nailing two birds with one stone, Cartier watches leads the league of high-jewellery watch-making, unchallenged.

The seasoned connoisseur would agree when I say that the very name of the brand evokes a luxurious aura beyond compare. So if you’re ever confused about whether to buy a piece of jewellery or a high-end luxury watch –just look to Cartier, and you’ll find yourself an eloquent juxtaposition.

Watches? Jewellery? No, Art: 5 High-Jewellery Cartier Watches to Lookout For

With an effortless sense of style running strong in its French blood, Cartier watches combine its unique skill in gem setting with extraordinary craftsmanship and come out with some of the most stunning pieces of… Jewellery, or watches, what shall we call them? Let’s just say they create genius works of art. So here’s a look at our favourite high-jewellery masterpieces!

Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier WE9003ZA

watch 1

Any guesses on how many diamonds are set in this gem (or gems, rather)? Or has the brilliant dazzle rendered you too blind to count? Brace yourselves, ladies: nearly 500brilliant-cut diamonds are skilfully set into the 18k white gold casing and bracelet. When Marilyn Monroe said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’… I doubt she’d laid her eyes on anything as gorgeous as this timepiece, or we’d be hearing something more along the lines of ‘diamonds (on watches) are a girl’s most ravenously desired, salvation-bringing, ecstasy-evoking things to be ever crafted on planet Earth’. Now that’s more like it. Sophisticated artistry and masterful craftsmanship have truly epitomised the distinction of Cartier watches.

Cartier Tank WB701831


The characteristic rectangular white gold crown of this Cartier Tank is embellished with stunning fine-cut diamonds. With its black leather strap and petite frame, this one’s for the kind of woman who likes her jewellery understated, and her watches classical.

Cartier Miss Pasha WJ124021

watch 3

Fashion and form, all in one stunning timepiece! The combination of classical rose gold and stainless steel topped with a ring of gleaming diamonds gives this timepiece an element of fun and fearless flair –ideal for the spunky girl with a taste for luxury.

Cartier Ballon Bleu WE902064


Pink gold, diamonds, a sapphire cabochon set neatly on the side… What more could you want? Mechanical movements, you say? Check! Self-winding? Check! Masters in gem-setting and timekeeping, Cartier watches wow yet again with this model that sits majestically on your wrist, as enviously in the minds of others!

Cartier Baignoire WB5103LM

watch 5

Soft yet superbly stunning –here’s a timepiece that beautifully captures the essence of womanhood. This petite and priceless model promises to sit elegantly on the wrist of the lady who likes her accessories delicate and dazzling.

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