This article is contributed by Dr. Sangay Bhutia who has plenty of experience in amazing surgery of hair transplant in Delhi and NCR region. Here is the further explanation about hair mistakes:

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, flowing and gorgeous hair? Hair is one of the most important parts of our body that plays a crucial role in describing the personality. That’s why we go extra mile in taking measures to make our hair look healthy and gorgeous.


From hair washing, hair drying to hair styling, our daily habits can sabotage all our efforts if our strands are not treated properly. And if there is something that is adding to your oily locks, you must observe your habits and take the appropriate efforts to make your hair less greasy. To help you control the greasy hair, hair are some points to keep in mind.


  1. Brushing too often

Some people have the habit of brushing their hair quite often. This disturbs the natural hair oil on the scalp and stimulates the oil production. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a healthy balance in brushing your hair to ensure non-greasy hair.

  1. Using hair straightener frequently

With the straightened hair, the volume at the roots is less. This makes the hair to produce more oil. Whereas, embracing the curls turn out to be a better way to keep the oily hair at bay.

  1. Over washing your hair

Many of us believe that over-washing our hair will make them less greasy. However, this is not the fact. Washing the hair frequently will strip the natural oil from the scalp. To compensate with this loss, the scalp overproduces oil; thereby making the hair appear greasier.

  1. Not choosing the hair products wisely

There are many people who choose their hair cosmetics by relying on the attractive advertisements. But, the advertisements are not the best way to choose your hair care products. There are various products that are meant to be used on different types of hair, you must choose the one that best suits your hair type.

The hair styling products, like the one that add shine to hair can create a greasier look on oil-prone hair. Thus, it is better to avoid such products.

  1. Touching your hair frequently

Many people like playing with their hair. This can add oil to your hair. Wondering how? When your hair comes in contact either with your face or fingertips, the oil produced by your hands and face can get transferred to the hair easily. Thus, it is better to avoid touching your hair often and also avoid the hair styles that touch your face.

  1. Conditioning the scalp

Experts always advise one to apply the conditioner from the middle to the end, and avoid applying it on the roots. Conditioning your hair all over can make your hair roots oily, thereby, making your hair appear greasier.

Wrapping Up:

There are several things that we do with our hair regularly to make them appear lustrous and attractive. While some of them are effective, some are not all beneficial. If you don’t like greasy hair and want to get rid of them, you must avoid the aforementioned mistakes. I hope this article will help you polish your personality, while making your hair appear less greasy.



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