Know Causes of snoring and Its Solutions

Snoring is caused by different things and knowing the cause of your snoring will help you find the perfect solution. Sleep deprivation is one thing that annoys much about snoring. The noise produced by the vibrating throat structures will keep anyone awake. Some people, who snore, make loud noises while others are quieter. Either way, they are still annoying. Your partner is the one who will suffer the most due to your snoring habit. This can lead to social problems as you will deprive them of sleep.

It is possible to monitor your snoring in an attempt to find the cause and solution to the problem. In this case, monitoring implies finding out what makes the snoring worse and what makes it less noisy. Your snoring may be worse during cold nights and better during the warm nights. You can observe such signs with the help of your sleeping partner to find an amicable solution.


Some of the major causes and solutions for snoring include:

Old age

The older you become the narrower the throat gets. Your muscle tone also decreases and hence the snoring disorder. It is impossible to control how old you get. Luckily, you can reduce or stop snoring despite this.


Change your sleeping posture, eat healthy and exercise to reduce or stop the snoring disorder. In short, you have to change your lifestyle.

Weight problems

Those who are overweight will have snoring disorders. The excess fat tissues around the neck will make it hard for you to breathe. It contributes to poor muscle development and thus blocks the passage at the neck region


Exercise and a proper diet will work in this case. Avoid eating junk, drink a lot of clean water and exercise a lot to get rid of the extra fat around the neck and the rest of the body.

Cold weather

During the cold weather, most people will have a cold. This leads to the infection of the throat muscles and mucous membrane hence the inflammation. When swollen, breathing will be difficult and thus initiate snoring.


Gargle peppermint mouthwash to reduce the inflammation of the throat. You can also use steam to unblock the nasal airway and make breathing easy.

Sleeping position

When you sleep on your back, all the structures of the throat will relax and fall on your airway. They prevent air from freely coming in and out of your throat. This blockage will lead to snoring.


You can sleep on your side t give way to the throat airway. When you sleep on your side, the tongue and other structures of the throat will not block the airway which will minimize snoring. Also, you can use a pillow to elevate your head for ease of breathing.

Alcohol and smoking habits

Those people who take alcohol or smoke are likely to snore at night. It is  a common behavior for most smokers and alcoholics. The alcohol and nicotine from cigarettes will cause inflation of the throat muscles thereby making it difficult for one to breathe freely.


It is possible to minimize the snoring by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink on a daily or weekly basis. There are many anti snoring devices available on internet. Find the best and start using to stop snoring. Also, before you go to bed, you can avoid smoking or drinking as this will irritate the mucous membrane and thus cause swelling of the muscles around the throat.



Author bio:
Rashmi, a dedicated and qualified nutritionist with over six years of experience in the Indian food industry. She has done MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at Chinmaya degree College(BHEL) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.
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