Aren’t you exhausted? Or doleful a little after wandering like zero during summer on streets? So you must be among them praying for elixir of monsoon!!!

After roasted full of days and nights, God showers utmost bliss as the name of ‘Monsoon’. How can we just miss these days by just wearing same as we do round the year? Let’s spruce up your fashion sense as wishing thanks back to great Almighty this 2016. Beat the hot loo with breezy wind during these rainy days and wear random wears during these days. Go for bright and playful shades of colours as they canmagically enhance the peak of your mood.

Let’s celebrate the soft drizzling sound of rain with marvellous selection of colours which every woman must adorn for their western as well as ethnic wears during monsoon. Let’s unroll the sensation…

Hapful Turquoise


Monsoon season’s cheerful award goes to ‘Turquoise’ colour. It is the colour made for just this season and sexy weather. Wear Indian ethnic gown or skirt to twirl around easily in the fabulous breezy weather. Wear minimal jewellery and if you are eager to wear them then go for hanging earrings only.

Coral Red


Coral essences directly remind us beach side fun and tropical rain forests. Isn’t it? Open up your imagination dear!

Wear palazzos and shirt kurtis or salwar suits in coral red colours this year with ultimate fun and playful spree.

Blossom Pink


A little feminine touch with kiss of purity is what defines this colour- blossom pink. Pick out blossom pink lehenga choli as Evelyn Sharma or opt for dreamy Anarkali dress online. If you’re tall and have a supple figure then go with minimal makeup and jewellery and tie high messy bun for a divine look.

Sunshine Yellow


Adore Punjabi suits this season in yellow colour and try elegant embellishments around the border of this type of ethnic wear.

Punjabi suits are heck comfortable, loose in adherence and proffers beautiful length. It beautifully hides extra plump and illusion of height.

Neon Green


Majorly most sought after colour of monsoon season is neon green. Yes neon! Remember to make everything striking because this is the actual season where you can actually flaunt and go lavish as you want.

Try neon green bodycon dress or any type of western dress with minimal take over’s and accessories. For essential carry folded clutch. You can also wear neon brassieres under light or white coloured tops and dresses for a sassy appeal.


Stay tuned for much more fashion shouts…Till then enjoy monsoon till next monsoon ;)

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