Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Youth Activating Serum Plus Creme Review

(Author ~ Pallavi Bose) 

Hello Beauties,

Serums are my absolute favourite skin care product. I love products especially in terms of skin care which should target on improvement of skin texture rather than one time benefits. Also, the skin care products should be really light in texture. Your skin should be able to breathe under them otherwise not only will your skin feel blocked but also your pores might feel blocked. So, better always try to go for the light skin care products. And being a dry skin you need moisturization at the same time. So, it’s a bit tough to get all this in one.

I have tried a number of serums before this from various brands like Lotus, Colorbar and likewise. But when I saw this particular range then I thought of buying the entire range and that’s how this serum landed to my kitty.


Scroll to read my review on Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth activating serum with crème, let’s find out if it’s worth your money or not.


Price : Rs. 695 for 30 ml.

Shelf life : 36 months from the date of packaging

My Experience ?

Packaging : Similar to most of the serums this one also comes in tall pump dispenser packaging. Outside the tube there is the carton long box which has entire product details and claims mentioned. Also, the tube has a pump dispenser opening which I find very suitable and easy to use. You just need to press the nozzle a bit and the serum will come out. This nozzle is further protected by a transparent wand which keeps it secure while travelling or in case any pressure is applied.

IMAG1902 IMAG1898

Formula : Coming to the texture of the serum, it is incredibly lightweight. It is pearl white in colours and feels very light on skin. It is easily blend able and sinks into your skin very fast. If you are not quick with this serum it will oxidise and disappear into your hands only.

Texture : Yes, it is not at all moistursing. But serums are always meant to top over some crèmes so in that way it is fine. The serum does not clog any pores and makes the makeup application also pretty much easier. It works as a perfect primer. It smoothens out the skin and prepares it for the upcoming makeup. And I have seen that makeup also lasts pretty long after the usage of this serum.

Suitability : The serum does not cause any irritation or allergy. It didn’t break me out even a bit. So, don’t expect any kind of skin reaction with it. I feel the serum is perfectly suited for all skin types. Also, for oily skin people this helps in controlling sweat too. So, you can expect to not get greasy or oily face with this serum underneath. So, all skin types – dry, oily and sensitive can use it very easily.


Aroma : It does not have any bothersome smell. Actually it has no smell. The fragrance is very faint and thus no worries for sensitive noses.

Performance : With regular usage you can see your skin texture improved. I cannot comment on the pigmentation or tanning part because I didn’t have any such major issues.

But not so good part. This is zero in terms of moisturization. So, I don’t think it will be a good option in winters especially for dry skin types. But for oily skin they can use it all year round.

Economy : Also, the quantity is a bit less as compared to the price. But yes, all the face serums are expensive only. So, can’t complain on that part.

IMAG1830 IMAG1907

Pros of Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth serum :-)

  1. Reliable brand
  2. Easy texture
  3. Works as a good primer
  4. Gives a healthy glow

Cons of Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth serum :-(

  1. Zero in terms of moisturization
  2. Costly
  3. Not at all effective.
  4. Doesn’t work to reduce wrinkles or signs of aging.

Conclusion : For me, this was an average serum. I have used a number of other drugstore serums which are really good for your skin. And yes, it did nothing in terms of moisturization. The glow which it adds is just temporary effect, does nothing to repair my dull skin.

BnB Rating – 3/5


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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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