There is nothing more uplifting than adding new products to your makeup kit, but high prices may keep you from buying them too often. If you are looking for ways to get branded cosmetics at a lower price, look no more. Here is a guide to getting cheaper cosmetic in 7 simple ways.

#1 Recycle the containers

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Some of the famous brands such as Bare Minerals and Mac offers freebies in exchange of their used product containers. So now you can change the trash into a high-quality product at no additional cost. Keep your makeup kit clean by exchanging them with new and advanced free samples and products. If you still have some product left in the container you wish to exchange, simply transfer it to another one.

#2 Make your own makeup brush

Makeup brushes are expensive for no obvious reasons, and you always need quite a few. The best alternative to makeup brushes is painting brushes that are much cheaper than the ones sold for applying makeup. All you have to do is find the right one for every purpose. Besides, you can always save money on brush cleaner by making your own. Mix equal quantities of olive oil and dishwasher soap to make your brushes squeaky clean.

#3 Use coupons and promo codes

Coupons are a great way to relish the highly priced cosmetics at a considerably lower rate. Look out for festive coupons that you may use to buy your favorite products. Some brands offer promo codes for promoting their newly launched products at a discounted price. All you have to do is keep an eye on the offers to reap their benefits. Brands like Mac accept coupons and promo codes as well as companies like BH cosmetics also accept coupons throughout the year to make makeup more fun.

#4 Rethink your makeup remover

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If you spend a lot on your makeup remover, you can save money by changing your product. Most makeup removers are specially formulated to clean your skin perfectly leaving no trait of the makeup but are often too expensive. A cheaper alternative to this is Johnson’s No More Tears baby and it is as good as any expensive makeup remover.

#5 Create your scent

If your perfume is about to finish and you are not ready to spend on another one, you can make it long lasting. Just pour the rest of the perfume to a bottle of unscented body lotion. Whenever you use it to moisturize your skin, you wear the perfume. In this way, you extended the life of your pricey perfume without spending an extra penny.

#6 Dupe your shades

Most of the expensive lipsticks and shadows have a cheaper version. You just have to do some research and find out the right shade of an expensive product in another brand that is cheaper. Look for catalogs that provide a complete information of the similar shades among different brands.

#7 Buy Off-season

Most cosmetics are sold according to seasons, for example, winter essentials around the Christmas and skin toner in the summer. So is with lipstick shades, pastels in summers while shimmer in winters. The brands rack up the prices of the products that are sold more in a particular season, still having them throughout the year at normal prices. To avoid this spike in price, stock on them when sold cheaper.



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