E-commerce is growing every day and has made our lives even easier than before. Imagine, sitting in the comfort of your home, enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate and shopping our heart out. Well, choosing beauty products is no cakewalk – if you are a girl, you would probably know that the struggle is real. What if I tell you that there is a lovely website that delivers you amazing beauty products with great quality and also you can shop for organic food items?

Too good to be real, right? Well, we have reviewed the new website called lovelylifestyle.com and here’s what we think about it in details.


About lovelylifestyle.com 

Lovelylifestyle.com offers a humongous range of beauty products and organic items like beverages, health and wellness products and also the amazing relaxation of spa ingredients to breathe in the calmness in between hectic lifestyle. One of the most important thing that describes the website is that how they have differentiated the term ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. While ‘natural’ is used in a common parlance, the term ‘organic’ is deeper and close to the elements of nature. On Lovely lifestyle, you get assured of the amazing quality that are being delivered to your doorstep with no hassle whatsoever. Their vision and mission tops the satisfaction of the customer and every step has been taken to curate the products in the most amazing way and keeping is natural and organic. So, apart from that, what makes lovely lifestyle special? Read on to know more.

Overview of the website –

At present, lovely lifestyle houses around, 10,000 products, more than 125 brands and has around 40catergories – needless to say, they are growing every day. There are several features like the skin tests to determine the skin type, special skin and hair care products, etc. so let me walk you through all the amazing features they deliver.

The first feature we are going to talk about is the skin type determination quiz. It is simply a handful of questions which you have to answer. Along with the determination of skin type result, it also provides certain tips and suggestions that will help you to get rid of problematic areas of the skin and also offers suggestions of products for the skin. This would be a great help when you are clueless among the plethora of products.

What I got ?

I got RICA Aloevera After Wax Lotion and OGX-Brazilian-keratin-flat-Iron-spray. 

img_0247 img_0246

Coming to the next feature, it allows to you shop by the concern. For example, if you are suffering from the skin problems like dark circles, blackheads, stubborn acne or breakouts – by clicking on the concern it will directly lead you there and offer some amazing products. The same goes for hair care issues. If you are going through hairfall, dandruff problems, split ends, etc. it offers the solution through the amazing range of products. Winter is almost knocking on the door and you can also look for hydrating products for your face and body. Overall, you save a lot of time without having to search through the entire list.

The website has various categories like Organic & Luxury Beauty Care, Health & Wellness, Spa & Aroma, and Organic Tea & Coffee which helps you to choose from the variety of commodities. There are various brands that have been enlisted on the website. It includes Macadamia, Casmara, Spa Ceylon, Natio, Iraya, Thalgo, Vichy, Alba Botanica, Healthaid, SkinYoga, Basilur Tea, Bottega Di Lungavita, Organic Surge. As we all are aware how amazing the products are from these organic brands and how effectively it works for us. Some of the amazing products which are award winning ones, like Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age Aurum Stems Regenerating Cream, La Roche Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Spf 50, Vichy Aqualia Thermal Hydration Serum and guess what? These are available on discounts as well! I am sure nothing could have been better.

img_0245 img_0236 img_0235 img_0224

The website also features wedding collection. So if you are the bride-to-be, you need not worry because you have a one stop solution. It has various skin care and skin enhancing and brightening skin care products what you exactly need before the D-Day. There are spa kits, honeymoon essentials, makeup products, styling accessories and lots more. Thus, you are getting everything under one roof.

MY Wish list –

We have made a little wish list of the products we would love to have in our kitty. Here goes the list.

  1. La Roche Posay Thermal Spa Water
  2. Natio Ageless Lip Smoothing Treatment
  3. Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age Aurum Stems Regenerating Night Cream
  4. Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo
  5. Tvam Face Pack – Neem – Anti-Acne

Overall, the website is surely worth checking out. The ship out the products really quick, around 1-2 days and they offer a 7 day return policy which is completely hassle free. Apart from the regular payment methods through PayU, Visa, Net Banking, Master Card , Mobikwik Wallet, they also offer the cash on delivery (COD) to majority of the pin codes. The user interference is perfect and there is a search bar in the upper portion where you simply have to type down what you are looking for. The products sold are surely 100% Genuine and also the cordial customer service is worth mentioning.

BnB Rating: 5/5



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