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Fitness is not a style statement anymore, it is a need for everyone. We often we came the phrase – your body reflects what you eat. Therefore, make sure you are eating well and incorporating necessary needs of the body. I came across the website ‘myfitfuel’ while searching for Buy Whey Protein Powder in india. It is basically a sports nutrition brand that offers genuine quality and rich quantity of products for every passionate person indulging in sports nutrition and fitness.


First and foremost, the website provides you with every necessary details of the product. Needless, to say the user interference is excellent and it is very easy to search for all the necessary information you looking for. The website is absolute transparent about the ingredients and other things they integrate in their line of products. Not only that, additional information about the products and the benefits are also been elaborated. Coming to their service, they offer free delivery for a minimum purchase of 500 INR. 

Along with that you get an assured 14 days return policy and the service of cash on delivery. The COD system is extremely useful for a lot of people. Judging the minimum rate of purchase, 500 INR is surely one of the lowest. Overall, the website really excels and gives a smooth experience of shopping sports nutrition products.


Review of the product – MFF WHEY Protein 80tm German Chocolate Delight

The MFF WHEY Protein 80tm German Chocolate Delight comes in a chocolate colored pouch packaging which is nicely sealed. The pack is properly secured as there is no chance of breakage or spillage. The product comes from the house of ‘myfitfuel (MFF)’ whose products are FSSAI approved and assures of high quality rather than commercial thickeners. The WHEY Protein is chocolate is flavor and is in the form of a powder. It is very easy to mix the power and it gets dissolved into the water without unnecessary lumps – hence it is also less time-consuming. There is also no sticky or lump residue at the end of the glass as well. The texture of the product resembles the consistency of a milk and hence easy to take in. the taste is assuredly one delicious flavor of chocolate and they is no artificial taste in it.

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Before we get into the product, it is essential to inform on how why protein is necessary to our body. Whey protein helps to build the muscles and gives a reformed definition to out external structure. They is no point sweating it out in the gym week after week unless you eat the right amount of protein. Rest assured, the MFF WHEY Protein is one of the unaltered and unadulterated form of protein you are having. Whey protein is different than the regular proteins. This is because it is readily absorbed into the body and works like a charm. It will benefit you in increasing the overall strength, gain muscles and lose the body fats which is significantly harmful. Why protein is also an excellent replacement of heavy meals and protein bars in general.

There is also a time or duration to take the MFF Whey protein 80 concentrate. You have to keep in mind the right amount of daily requirement of protein for the body and then divide it accordingly. The duration of pre and post workout and for the first thing in the morning are the ideal time for the intake of why protein. It helps in the replenishment of the glycogen and the ratio of muscles in the body along with, strength and metabolism is relatively increased. This is aids you in the loss of excess fat accumulation of the body.

The whey protein has various benefits. Firstly, it helps to maintain a healthy weight. It helps in preserving the lean body mass and thereby the excess fat accumulation is prevented. The body gets a better composition and weight management is done diligently. The sugar in the body is also balanced and it promotes satiety. One of the biggest challenge in the journey of weight loss is to curb the hunger. On one hand you can’t starve yet the body takes time in adapting of the small meal-diet. When you consume the whey protein, the stomach feels fuller for a long time and the total calorie intake level is dropped. Therefore, you can easily suppress the appetite without starving yourself. Why protein also helps you in building lean muscles. It has the branched-chained amino acids (BCAA) and thus it maximize the benefits of the workout.


It is necessary to have a proper food consumption right after excising. When you consume whey protein, it helps to repair the muscle tissues, provides muscle strength and prevent the muscle fatigue to keep you energized all day. Thus, it also improves you overall workout. As we age with the passage of time, our muscles tend of lose the agility. However, whey protein has various bioactive substances which helps in the cardiovascular diseases, immunity, bone health, etc. Thus, to keep the health of the muscles, continue having why protein. Whey protein also offers immunity to the body which help us survive the busy lifestyle and combat the diseases. The whey protein tends to optimize the immune function by increasing the gluthathione (GSH). Overall, it also promotes bone health and supports healthy cardiovascular system.

That’s why, to build the strength, lean muscles and grow with proper bone healthy, it is important to include the why protein which you can simply access in the best possible form in the MFF WHEY Protein 80tm German Chocolate Delight.

BnB Rating : 10/10 

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