With all the workout leggings on the market, it can be impossible to know which is right for you and your workout. Your workout can be even more effective if you’re wearing the right attire; these ten workout leggings by sport are tried and true, and will get you the most out of your workout!

  1. Dance

Dance classes, like Zumba or hip-hop, are high-energy and sweat-inducing. While you’re out there shaking what your mama gave you, your workout leggings need to hug your curves but let you breathe at the same time. You’ll want a light fabric with medium compression to help keep everything in place. These low-rise crops by Victoria Secret will have you feeling sexy and carefree in the studio with a nylon fabric and 4-way stretch. If you’re looking for leggings with more of a dance vibe, these cotton capris by GapFit will look smoking with a crop top and sneakers but they’re as comfy as your pajamas.


  1. Yoga

Yoga is all about meditation (or napping…) and flexibility, so you’re going to want loose and comfortable leggings. You definitely don’t want to have to be pulling up your pants mid-downward dog, so make sure you pick a waist that is secure but that doesn’t pinch and pull as you move. These barely-there Lycra leggings from Lululemon are designed to make you forget you’re even wearing pants and they come in all your favourite colors. If you’re not ready to invest quite as much money into yoga pants, a budget-friendly but equally comfortable option are Fabletic’s flattering mid-rise capris with a super-cute crossover waistband. If you’re looking to wow your classmates, you need a matching bra-legging outfit from The Upside. They offer tons of cute patterns and they use a signature fabric that is luxuriously thick but doesn’t weigh you down.


  1.     Running

There is no shortage of running pants that promise to be comfortable, sweat-wicking, and aerodynamic; luckily, these three leggings actually deliver on their promises, no matter your fitness level. If you’re a beginner jogger, chances are you want workout pants that will be light and sweat-absorbing. These full-length 4-way stretch tights from Adidas will have you covered year-round and even come with reflective details to help keep you safe. If you’re more of an intermediate runner, get yourself a pair of these sweat-wicking tights from Nike to stay cool—and also because they make you look badass! If you’re a serious runner, meaning you never hit snooze and get up at the crack of dawn to run, you’re going to want these serious thermal running tights by Reebok for those cold, drizzly mornings. They’re made with thermal insulation that also wicks away your sweat to keep you warm and dry so you have no excuse not to hit the pavement!|


  1.    Training

If you’re training at the gym, chances are you have no time for frilly workout pants—you need pants that help you get the job done. These training capris from Oakley are so versatile; you can adjust the length of the leg depending on your workout, tighten or loosen the drawstring waist, and even layer them over shorts for a custom fit. If you take your workout outside, you’ll love these breathable capris from Under Armour that actually protect your skin from the sun (don’t forget to use sunscreen on your exposed skin!). They have a knit waistband that will cover up any jiggly parts, and side pockets to store your phone and keys.


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