Fashion shows will not always tempt you to try new trends but that doesn’t mean you can’t glean some inspiration from them. Experiment with some runway trends this winter, from extra-long sleeves to printed leggings, here’s what we recommend to stay warm and look super cool!


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This season, shrugs have gone even bigger and bolder by way of prints and patterns. Look for shrugs with bright colors and ditsy floral prints. I like to have variety of colors and patterns for different occasion, for example I prefer light neutral color shrugs for the daytime and dark color shrugs for the evening time. We have seen shrugs becoming fall runway mainstays, but every winter this trend feels completely fresh.

We have so many choices from traditional desi prints to solid colors. A structured version with statement pockets on the front keeps the winter look super-flattering.

Hooded Sweatshirt:

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This season, wear your Sweatshirt soft and loose, cascading and comfy. Whether it’s Polyester and cotton blend, or Cotton and fleece blend, let sweatshirt dictate your winter style. Last winter I was obsessed buying navy blue color sweatshirts. It is an easy piece for me as it matches denim, evening wear, and everything in between.
Luckily online shopping can make things easy and I know exactly what to splurge on this time.



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Just when we thought sweaters for women were dead and gone, we spotted some of our favorite Hollywood stars pairing sweaters with leggings. And though we’re still in love with them, we think it’s time to mix sweaters with some prints and colors. If you are the one who just has one sweater for winter, I would suggest to have at least two long sleeves sweaters for 2016-2017 winter. Yes, flaunting sweaters is the next big thing this winter, just like contouring videos took over all the beauty trends similarly we can predict sweaters with prints ruling all the photo-sharing platforms. Forget fussing with an over-sized sweater that constantly needs readjustment. This season’s take on the trend secures at the neck and elegantly exposes your neckline and shoulders with ease.

For me, this winter, will be lot of experiments with colors and prints. Oh, and an off-shoulder sweater, which is dramatic and fabulous enough to knock all other accessories out of the picture. Once you know that Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are, and once you’ve spent enough time with yourself to know what you feel comfortable in, something altogether more exciting emerges: a graduation towards a sense of style rather than a need to trend hop and binge shop.

The fashion world is in a major state of change. See now Buy now is increasingly growing and many designers and TOP-brands are also rethinking not only how they present their seasonal new launches but when and to whom.


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