Hello Lovelies,
Wish you all a veryyy Happy New Year !

It’s 2017 and what better time to begin to forge exciting new habits. Quite natural that you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed with the pledge of a fresh? 2017 let me start by helping you simplify your nail check-list and aid you in getting the best nail colors I ever tried…

A mantra that I will be expanding into all areas of my life including my nail routine is ‘Quality over quantity’ :-) This year I do want to promote only those products that I use daily and agree with my skin (&nails), that’s the reason my 1st post in 2017 is about this newly launched range by DeBelle called DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Nail Polish. I call these nail colors – the New Nail Trend in India: Natural, Long-lasting & ‘Free From Harmful Chemicals’ Polish 

One question that I want you to ask yourself is – what are your nails really calling out for? If I ask this to myself I can confidently say I’m done with rotating nail polish brands, rather than increasing my collection, using items simply because they are neatly presented on my bathroom shelf, I’ll be only using what is good for my skin n nails.
The only reason for writing this post is I’ve been trying and testing DeBelle Nail Polish for over a month now and I don’t think I’ve ever used anything like this before. Be it their natural, long-lasting formula or perfect selection of colours, this brand has hit the bull’s-eye!

Let me get into details …

Application & Pigmentation:

In first application, itself you get a solid opaque finish. The texture is super comfortable and application feels so easy. One coat is enough for a beautiful color opaque finish but one more coat won’t spoil the look either. Did I mention I love the matte Gel finish?



Debelle Nail polish formula is incredibly amazing. The nail colours are enriched with Natural Seaweed Extract to promote nail growth and prevent yellowing of nails. I’ve never come across any such nail polish which makes your nails healthy.

It’s such a mental relief when you know that your nails are not just looking beautiful but you’ve applied something that won’t harm them.  I’ve used this product on my nails for continuously over 15 days and when I removed it I was surprised to see that my nails were looking great, as if I’ve just walked out of a manicure session. This was quite a different experience for me because my past experiences with other local drugstore brands were worse, I could notice yellowing after using any nail lacquer for more than a week. With DeBelle Nail Lacquer I don’t have to worry about my nails.

 Staying Power:

Whenever you hear about natural formulas you immediately doubt the effectiveness of a product but let me tell you these nail colors are super long lasting.  I’ve tried ColorShow and even those famous LYN nail polishes but nothing can come close to these Gel Nail Polishes! On my nails one coat lasts for more than a week…. Now that’s awesome!


What I Like about DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Nail Polish ?

  • Natural Formula.
  • Long-Lasting
  • Formula has Seaweed Extract
  • Beautiful Finish
  • Amazing shades.
  • Promotes the nail growth.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Prevents yellowing of nails
  • Easily available.

BnB Rating 10/10






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