Losing your earrings can be so frustrating, especially if you constantly lose just one and end up with a bunch of unusable singles. While wearing mismatched earrings may be back in fashion for now, it’s time to organise your earrings once and for all using these nine easy and inexpensive tips—save your money for more earrings!

  1.       Buttons

Pesky stud earrings have a nasty habit of constantly disappearing, along with their delicate little backs so that you’re stuck with bunches of single earrings. Never have this problem again simply by using buttons to keep earring pairs safely together. Secure the earrings through the buttonholes using the metallic backs and you’ll never be stuck looking for a matching earring again!

  1.       Ice Cube Trays

Grab an old ice cube tray from your freezer and use it as a useful storage cubbies for all your earrings. You can spray paint the tray fun, bright colours and stack several together depending on the size of your earring collection.

  1.       Clear Pill Organiser

Pill organisers are the perfect-sized trays to store earrings, and they have the added benefit of a lid so you can securely store your jewelry even when you’re travelling or if you just want to bring a few different earrings options in your purse (costume change, anyone?). Make sure you pick a clear pill organiser so you can see the different earrings through the lid, and you can even label each cube depending on what’s stored inside!

  1.       Trays

Organise your earrings with a few pretty little patterned trays displayed neatly on your dresser; your earrings will be in plain view when you’re putting an outfit together and the trays will also help decorate your room. You can even cut up a white sponge to lay in the bottom of the tray and push the earrings into the sponge so that they don’t slide around.


  1.       Wooden Board with Hooks

A fun little DIY project is to get a small wooden board and paint it a colour that matches your room. You can insert small nails and hooks across the board, and you’ll end up with a great way to hang heavier or larger earrings. You can lean the board against a wall or hang it with a nail so that your earrings are on display.


  1.       Stacked Plates

Grab a few pretty plates in a variety of sizes and a couple candlestick holders. Super glue the plates to the tops of the holders, with the largest plate on the bottom. You’ll end up with a gorgeous jewelry holder that can hold a wide assortment of earrings, and your friends will all be begging you to make them one too!

  1.       Chicken Wire

Grab any wooden frame and remove the glass. Staple chicken wire to the back of the frame, and hang the frame on your wall. The chicken wire is perfect for hooking earrings onto, and the frame can be painted and decorated in any way you like. For extra storage, you can even insert nails or hooks onto the bottom of the frame to hang longer earrings underneath.


  1.       Branches

A super cute and easy DIY earring organiser involves simply cutting off a few thin branches from a tree in your backyard. You can leave them as is, or spray paint them silver or gold. Stick them in a funky vase, and fill the vase with rocks, sand, or tissue paper so that the branches don’t move around too much. The spindly arms of the branches are perfect for hanging jewelry from, and you’ll have such a unique jewelry holder.


  1.       Cheese Grater

We all know cheese is life, and now you can even use your cheese grater in more ways than one. Grab a (hopefully) clean grater, and you’ll notice the holes are perfect for hanging earrings from. Plus, the handle on top makes it portable for carrying from your room to the bathroom. You can spray paint the grater to make it less noticeably a cheese grater, or leave it as is and be constantly reminded how great cheese is. Yum.


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