Guest Author ~ Ella Allan

Straightening my locks used to be a hit and miss in my younger years. Sometimes I get burnt hair when I forget to count the seconds that the flat iron has stayed clamped to my hair. But, you know, I am a real bloom believer of the saying that practice makes perfect, so I have tried different techniques to do it. Below are my quick tips for straightening hair.

  1. Stock up on heat protectants.

One thing that you should never run out before using a hot styling tool is a heat protectant. Remember that the strands are not invincible. While you can get rid of the burnt hair smell, there is a likelihood that your mane will appear dry and lifeless once you allow it to have direct contact with heat.

Since I do not see my favorite thermal protector in my area, I make sure to obtain two to three bottles of an organic product online, and they will last for a couple of months. It is my personal preference because it typically contains Argan oil and essential vitamins but lacks in sulfates that can cause further damage.


  1. Get a brush.

Combs are great when you are dealing with wet hair. However, the ultimate rule for straightening hair is that you have to work with completely dry locks; that’s why getting a brush is also a must.

The latter covers more surface area and helps in detangling the hair, which is amazing especially during the morning. A round brush suits girls with natural curls, but if your weave is in between being curly and straight like mine, take a flat brush. At present, I love the overall design and feel of a paddle hairbrush with generously spaced bristles and tips that do not come off aftew after a few uses..


  1. Choose your flat iron.

Among the broad range of hair straightening products, you need the best titanium flat iron that you can find at here.This is one of the tips for straightening hair that I can confidently share with you because I have gone through myriad flat irons in the last few years, and only this type has given me the smoothest result each time.

A digital straightener is my hair ironing tool of choice due to the compatibility of its mirror titanium plates to any length. Some, in fact, come withLCD for the temperature that letsyou know if it is getting too hot or warm.


  1. Straighten it wisely.

Always start the process by parting the hair in the way that you wish to see it in the end. It is an idea that has taken me months to realize; that’s why back then I have had to spend hours in front of my mirror, just redoing the style over and over.

Think of the look you want to achieve even before sectioning off your hair and make your way from the bottom up to the crown of the head. Just be sure keep in mind that chunkier parts give off themore relaxed vibe, while tinier pieces offer stick-straight appeal.
Not too complex, are they? May these tips for straightening hair be the answer to your long-standing hair straightening question.

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