A tummy tuck surgery or an abdominoplasty procedure is a powerful and gratifying procedure to remove the excess fat and soft tissue, especially from the lower abdomen area. This procedure is often sought out after pregnancies and drastic weight loss, often after pregnancies or serious weight loss.

The tummy tuck procedure chiefly aims at repairing the stretched inner muscles and restoring the silhouette. The belly-button is more often than not, rejuvenated and resized.

The kind of surgery the patients will undergo depends upon the anatomy, the quality of their abdominal muscles and skin, their health history. There are several different types of tummy tucks to suit a variety of body types.

Different Kinds of Tummy Tuck Surgeries

There are several kinds of tummy tuck surgeries, among them there is the full version of the tummy tuck, which involves making an incision from one ASIS, anterior superior iliac spine, to the other – ASIS is called the bony prominences which begin from one end of your love handle to another. It mainly addresses the entire gamut of the abdomen, right from the muscle tightening, to the belly-button resizing.

The extended version tummy tuck is when the patient has side rolls which extend right into the lower back rolls area. The incision made is much longer and is particularly useful for overweight patients.

 There is a circumferential excision done, also referred to as a body lift, which is a combination of the extended tummy tuck along with a buttock lift, often with butt auto-augmentation which is normally done with the extracted fat.

The mini-tummy-tuck, on the other hand, has a relatively smaller incision, slightly longer than a C-section scar, especially for those ladies with an excess of skin mostly under the belly-button. It is the area below the belly-button, especially the loose muscle and excess of skin that is found there, but it is more difficult with this technique when you have to address the upper abdomen if it requires extensive tightening. In most of the mini-tummy-tucks performed, the belly-button is what is known as floated instead of being resized or reshaped; the patient may be left with a small vertical scar.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Overall, a comprehensive tummy tuck surgery adheres to the following steps. The tummy tuck procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

  • Firstly, a cut is made from hip to hip — just directly above the pubic area.
  •  Next, a new cut is made to open the tummy button from the neighboring skin.
  • In the third step, the skin is then separated from the abdominal wall to make the access to the muscles and the fascia to be made firmer.
  • Last but not the least, just like any other surgical procedure; a dressing is applied to collect the extra fluid from the aforementioned area.

The final result will definitely be something you will love. Just be more cautious of following the tummy tuck before and after instructions given to you, by your doctor. This will ensure a quicker recovery and more satisfying results.


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