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Winter is gone and now it is the time for dreadful summer. In a country like India, heat dominates 9 out of 12months and the months of summer i.e. May and June are worst. It is sure to distress your skin, hair and health in the worst way possible if you don’t take proper care. This is the time to take special care of our health and follow the various health care, beauty, skin and hair care tips. Sun is merciless at this time of the year and various skin and hair problems creep up due to the excessive heat. One has to follow and make a routine of the various steps to take good care of yourself. We have elaborately listed the various prickly heat remedies (skin,hair and health care tips) for you….

Summer Skin Care Tips

  1. A broad spectrum SPF is your best friend throughout the day. Do not step out at all without an SPF 40 or higher. This would prevent the skin from getting damaged and will keep the sun tan and dark spots away. Apply the sunscreen 15mins before stepping out in the sunlight. Also, keep applying the sunscreen every 3hrs to get better protection as it often melts away in the heat.
  2. Drink water and lots of it. Water in the solution for every skin care problems and will miraculously improve the texture of your skin. Make sure you drink at least 9-10litres of water every day.
  3. For a basic skin care routine, stick to CTM. Never hit the bed without cleaning and hydrating it properly as during summer, the skin sweats and the pores may be clogged with dirt, dust and grime. You may break out severely if CTM is not followed.
  4. Use a facial spray in your bag while travelling. The skin is easily irritated and flushed in summer and looks dull and greasy. Use a simple rose water mist or any other facial mist that suits your skin to calm the heat.
  5. For easy homemade toner, use ice cubes and rub on the skin to tighten the pores and relieve the skin of redness.
  6. For oily skin, summer is a nightmare. Use homemade packs like fuller’s earth with lemon or rose water to control the oil secretion. Do not overuse the face wash to wash off the oil. You can also use blotting tissue, time to time, to check the oiliness.
  7. Always try to use a gel based cleanser containing salicylic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid that help in reducing dead skin cells that clogs pores and leads to outbreaks.
  8. For summer tan, apply tomato juice or a concoction of lemon juice and honey every alternate day. This would reduce the sun tan and improve the skin.
  9. Try not to experiment with too many new skin care products as it may be severe reaction is summer heat.
  10. Try not to bleach the face in daytime and step out directly in the sun. This goes for facial threading as well.

Summer Hair Care Tips

  1. Sweat and dust in summer increases hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizziness and increased hair fall. That is why make sure to wash your hair as and when needed. However, if you have dry hair, do not wash more than twice a week.
  2. If you love blow drying, straightening, curling the hair with hot styling instruments – try to lessen it in summer. The heat and humidity will dry out the hair anyway and these styling tools will inflict more damage.
  3. Trying using a sulphates free shampoo. This is anyway better for hair as the sulphates tend to dry out the hair.
  4. Do not skip the conditioner at all. Always use a chemical free hair conditioner and nourish the length of the hair. This will keep the hair less frizzy and easily manageable.
  5. Summers are harsh and merciless on hair and scalp. It causes sunburn and dryness and this is why you need to protect the scalp. It also tends to damage the hair roots and causes baldness. Try using a head scarf, hat or cap while going out directly in sun.
  6. If you have colored hair, long exposure to sun rays will damage the chemically treated hair and fade away your precious hair color. Therefore, use a scarf or try to cover the head while stepping out.
  7. Once or twice a month, nourish the hair with a concoction of oils like coconut, olive, almond, etc. to rejuvenate and revitalize the hair. Also, massage the scalp with finger tips which will increase the blood circulation and deep condition the roots.
  8. If you are going to swim, then wet your hair before you enter the pool. This way it will absorb lesser chlorine.
  9. Summer may cause fungal infection on the hair scalp and may cause dandruff or itching. Try using tea tree oil or neem oil to treat the fungal infection on the scalp.
  10. If your hair is prone to split ends, try to trim the ends regularly. This will keep the split ends away and use a hydrating serum on the ends of the hair regularly to prevent further split ends, which is generally caused due to dryness.

Summer Health Tips

  1. Drink lots and lots of water. This is the key to survive summer. If you want our skin glowing, hair healthy and body calm – try drinking 8-9litres of water every day. This will prevent the body from releasing heat in an efficient manner and keep the body cool.
  2. The urge to drink caffeinated or carbonated beverages are excessively high but do not opt for them. This goes for alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks as well. All these drinks contain preservatives, colors and sugar in higher amount and are acidic in nature. They will cause dehydration and will do more harm than any good. Instead of coffee, try drinking organic tulsi or green tea with honey to keep yourself energized.
  3. We tend to drink cold water directly from the refrigerator but they really do not really help cool you down in summers. It leads to the constriction of the blood vessels in the skin and decrease heat loss and as a result doesn’t help the body. Thus, drink water in normal temperature.
  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and even when you are in diet – never skip the breakfast or eat less. You would need the maximum energy in the morning and you may fall sick if the breakfast is consumed properly.
  5. During the summer, try to opt for less strenuous activities like heavy workouts. Try doing Yoga which will help the body and mind at the same time.
  6. Throughout the day, try and eat small meals. This will help the digestion and won’t make you feel too full. Also, trying to eat light, nutritious and non-fatty meals. Do not binge eat nor starve during summer.
  7. Include a lot of healthy vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will help the body cope up with the summer heat. Reduce the intake of dried fruits and replace with fresh fruits. Also, drink a lot of fresh fruit juice (not the packaged ones) and lemon water.
  8. There are certain drink which helps to replenish the body better and has a cooling effect on the body as well. Drinks like coconut oil, buttermilk, lemon water, tulsi seeds in the drinks will help to replenish the fluids that are lost in sweat.

Summer Beauty Tips

  1. Always use a primer before applying makeup. This will control the oil, hydrate the skin, smoothen the pores and will make you look natural. Primer also helps the makeup last longer.
  2. Try avoiding heavier or full coverage foundations. Instead, opt for BB/CC creams that feels light on skin and has a less chance of melting down. It will also make the pores breathable and make you look fresh. Layering too many products will not work for you in summer and thus stick to the policy – less is more.
  3. Summer isn’t meant for those dark and vampy lip colors. Therefore, try using subtle and bright colors like coral, pinks and orange. This will make you look pretty and vibrant.
  4. For eye makeup, using water proof kajal and mascara. You don’t want to smudge your makeup in dirt, oil and sweat before the day ends.
  5. If you want your eyeshadow to last for a long time, use a good primer or cream eyeshadow. This will make the eye makeup waterproof and crease proof throughout the day.
  6. Use the bronzer sparingly. The skin will already look flushed and tanned and using too much bronzer will only make you look artificial.
  7. Apply sunscreen not only on the face but on the exposed parts of your body like hands, legs, neck, etc.


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