This time ten years ago I can tell you that I and my friends were self-absorbed, self-critical and had very little perspective on the world around us. Good and bad experiences provide you with benchmarks from which to base opinions and actions, as well as proving that even the bad experience can give right lessons and a different opinion or path doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. Experience comes with age – without them, your life quickly becomes a very dry and one-dimensional space.

One of the best experience in my life was my best friend’s wedding. If you were to ask a girl to describe her best friend’s wedding, her response would probably be along the lines of “lehenga shopping, makeup trials and not to forget weight-loss tips.”

A couple of months back when my best friend broke the news of her marriage to me the first thing I wanted to know was how she met her guy. That’s when I got to know about!

I was so delighted to know about her experience with As a friend, I was also happy that she finally found THAT special person who is going to light up her life and keep her blissfully happy. Groom hunting for girls is a huge responsibility for family and close friends. Marriage, as dreamy as we witness in poetry, films, stories isn’t easy when you start groom hunting. Marriage brings stability in life and so it’s very important to find a right match. In India, marriage is not only about two people but also about two families. Therefore, there are a million things to keep in mind while choosing a groom for the bride.

The first and foremost concern while the groom’s profile is to keep in mind the authentication of the person. Then come the family, education, character, financial status and social behavior. There are various matrimony sites or similar platform to look for a suitable groom for marriage. However, authentication and validation are a big part of Groom Hunting. There is various ambiguity involved and such vagueness is generally not acceptable in a long term relationship like marriage. This is why we have to look for a genuine platform and that is the Indian matrimonial website called – LoveVivah. You can make a profile for a friend, son, daughter, brother, sister or relative. It features various unique structures to bring about a revolutionary transformation in the matrimonial industry.

The first thing is that the website protects the user of the website and provides them with only genuine and relevant matches. There a dedicated and skillful team working to provide the relevant searches for brides and grooms. The website operates to serve the cultural diversity of communities in India and also focuses on Indian community living in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore. Once you start navigating through the website, you would understand how devoting they are to the customer centric approach.

As I have mentioned earlier, the website will help you to look for the perfect bride or groom for you friend, son, daughter, brother, sister or relative. Firstly, you have to register and fill up every relevant information to complete the profile you want to create, including updating the family details, professional information, etc. and then you can start searching profiles. Make sure you don’t leave out any field blank or unattended to get the best match possible. They also have the provision of editing the profile later. 

Lovevivah is the first and only website in India with Aadhaar authentication process. The USP of the Website is the complete authentication and genuineness. They ensure the verification of all newly registered profiles through Aadhaar Card details. This ensures bona fide and unfeigned characteristic of the profile. This is matrimonial site and serves only those who are serious about committing to the relationship and taking it forward. Thus, you are assured to get proper searches and profiles rather than fake or false profiles.

As I have mentioned earlier, the authentication is strict. There are five points of verification which involve the Aadhar card number verification, phone number, email id, through the Facebook profile and finally through the LinkedIn profile. This may be sound a bit lengthy but ensures a true and accurate procedure for the same. Secondly, the wide search options for the perfect groom in all Indian communities in India and abroad with the prime focus on the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore will get you the desired match we are looking for. Thirdly, the website’s personalized service to the customers is impeccable and you can also contact them. The user-friendly interface and navigation are praiseworthy. Among all these, the website works through a secured email network and keep every confidential name, personal details, and all other information hidden and not public. That means now we can successfully look for the prospective groom for your friends or family without any hesitation.

If you are someone looking for your perfect match and don’t know where to start the search, I highly recommend using! For my best friend, the experience of groom hunting was extremely easy, all thanks to

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