Many firsts carve significant milestones in our lives. Often these firsts are fruits of constant dedication and hard work. So, we surely deserve to celebrate them. Isn’t it? While there are umpteen ways to cherish these successes, but, how about marking it with a dazzling diamond, to keep the moment etched in the memories forever? After all diamonds are forever. Every diamond in your trinket box that you buy in honor of a special moment, is more than just a piece of jewel. It is a symbol of your special moments, some earned, some bestowed.

Here are a few occasions in a woman’s life that deserve to be honored with diamond jewellery. We suggest you read on to find more.


Okay. So, you toiled through nights, burnt the midnight oil and finally passed with excellent grades. But is it just the degree that has made this moment special. Come on! Graduation is so much more than just your mark sheet. It is about those day dreaming moments in the class, and those opinionated articles you wrote for the college journal. Agree to it or not, your convocation is a culmination of all those innocent crushes, harmless class gossips, exciting college trips and fun college fests. So finally, when you are stepping out into the adult life, this threshold deserves a special token of appreciation from you. We suggest you gift yourself this gorgeous while gold Pendant to seal this moment forever.

CaratLane Maitena White Gold Pendant

Price: 5,062



The first pay cheque brings with it endless smiles. It is more than just a few notes transferred into your bank account. It is the first step towards your independence and self-reliance. Naturally, your first salary is a source of immense confidence and motivation. It is a good idea to invest your hard-earned money in a ravishing piece of diamond jewellery. Take this pair of bold and striking ear cuffs from the house of CaratLane, for instance. This is just the perfect pair to make this moment unforgettable.


CaratLane Layered Wings Ear Cuffs

Price: 26,490



 It takes a lot to make this life defining decision. Wedding is not just an event, it is your leap into a new world. It has taken a great deal to convince you for this day. You believe, you have found the man who truly understands you, values you and loves the real you. Woa! This indeed deserves some gala revelry. Marriage is your decision, so you ought to mark it with a keepsake. Only a regal piece like this can-do justice to this grand occasion of your life.


CaratLane Lotus Swing Necklace

Price: 31,276




Motherhood is a choice and those who take this road shoulder immense responsibilities. Fulfilling this role is an accomplishment. Nurturing a life for nine months inside and finally ushering it into the world, is a giant feat that must be cherished with precious memorabilia. We bring this magnificent bracelet from CaratLane to adorn the hands of a mother that too deserve some tender care.



CaratLane Daffodils Bracelet from Fleur collection

Price: : 61,017


Womanhood is a journey dotted with many unforgettable stopovers. From graduation to the first cheque, and from wedding to motherhood.; it is a story of several milestones. These milestones deserve grand celebration and nothing works like diamonds to serve the purpose. These exquisite diamond jewellery pieces are just a few from the grand collection available at The online retail store crafts jewellery for the woman of today. Choose from the resplendent range to make important

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