LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector : Review & Swatches

(Author ~ Sanchita)

I am a big fan of the LA Girl HD Pro Concealers and have used them for concealing, highlighting, color correcting and contouring. I made a purchase of the orange corrector from this range, which is one of the best drugstore color correcting product. Since I have hereditary dark circles, no matter what concealer I use, I have to use a color corrector. I have been trying this out for few months and here’s my detailed review on the same.

Shade : GC990 Orange Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for medium/deep skin tones.

PRICE – Rs. 575 for 8g


Packaging – The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector comes in a tube form with a synthetic brush attached to its mouth. There is a black screw cap to seal the product and you have to squeeze the tube slightly to use the concealer. Now, the packaging looks very convenient but since I have used tons of LA Girl concealers, I know how dirty the brush becomes after usage. Personally, I take off all the bristles to prevent the harboring of bacteria. Since, we use this product for eyes, you don’t want to be infected. I use a tool to take off the bristles and it has a slight opening from which the product is dispenses. The concealer is travel friendly as well. 

Shade – The shade ‘Orange Corrector’ is a true orange color. The product is best suitable for people who are NC45 and above or someone who suffers from dark patches under eyes. Personally, the shade is slightly deeper for me because I am NC42. Therefore, if I go overboard with this, I end up looking orangey than hiding the dark circles. Consequently, I had to mix with the yellow corrector or use very sparingly – a tiny bit. Also, do not drag it but use dabbing technique with sponge or fingers. LA Girl recently launched the ‘Peach corrector’ which will suit fair to fair-medium skin tones than this orange one. Once I use this corrector, I apply the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer as the final touchup under the eyes. I have also used a tiny bit for discolorations around the mouth area too. Therefore, the product is definitely good but you have to keep in mind the skin tone and application.

Coverage – This is one product I wish had less coverage. The orange is a bit deep but surely workable. You need a bit of patience to blend out or sheer out the product to make it work for you. It didn’t happen in the first few times with me but once I got the hang of it, I really love using this. The product isn’t very beginner friendly but better suitable for professionals. You can customize the shade by mixing other concealer (like yellow, pure beige or medium beige) with it.

Application and blending – The application is slightly tricky if you ask me. If you try to apply from the brush directly, you will end up using too much product than necessary. Use a medium flat brush or fingers to apply the product only where it requires. Also, do not apply too much at a time but built up when necessary. The product blends well and thus use the dabbing technique with sponge to take off excess from the area. Apply the regular concealer of your choice on top.

Texture – The texture of the corrector is good. It has a semi-creamy formula which is neither runny nor thick. It spreads easily with sponge, brush or fingers and has a very easy, light weight texture. My eye area is slightly dry with wrinkles but it has never creased horribly (like other correctors) and once I blend with a sponge they look proper and even. It also allows the concealer on top to blend easily and thus I really like the texture.

Formula and Finish – The finish of the concealer is semi-matte but doesn’t look dry or parched at all. It is water resistant and stays pretty well. It photographs very nicely if you blend the product well. The skin looks enhanced and natural as well.

Longevity – The corrector stays well and I have worn this for several events without any provision for touch ups. It stays in place for 5-6hrs easily if you set with a concealer followed by a translucent powder. For the price, it is really economical because the little tube will last you a long time.

OVERALL – The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector is a proper orange toned corrector, best suitable for NC45 and above and successfully corrects the dark spots and very prominent dark circles. it has al light weight and blendable texture, deep pigmentation and easy formula. It is also long wearing and has an economical price tag.


  • Packaging – Tube with a fibre brush.
  • Shade – Deep orange corrector
  • Best suitable for –NC 45 and above
  • Coverage – High
  • Application and Blending – Easy application and blending.
  • Texture – Creamy liquid and light weight.
  • Formula – Water proof and photographs well.
  • Staying power – Around 6hrs when set properly.


  1. Proper travel friendly and light weight packaging.
  2. Deep orange corrector.
  3. Best suitable for NC 45 and above.
  4. Great for extreme dark circles and hyper pigmentation.
  5. High coverage.
  6. Creamy and easy texture.
  7. Water resistant formula.
  8. Doesn’t accentuates on fine lines or dry patches.
  9. Commendable staying power.
  10. Economical price tag.


  1. Unhygienic packaging.
  2. The shade might not suit all skin tones.
  3. Not a beginner friendly product and will take time to master it.

RECOMMENDATION – The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector surely lives up to the hype and works like a charm. The product needs to be customized but for the price, it is a steal.

My Rating: 8.5/10



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