Sneaking items out of your boyfriend’s closet might not be new to you, but you might have drawn the limit at wearing his clothes outside of the house. Though it’s understandable that you might want to, thanks to the growing trend of shirt dresses that celebrities make look so good. Shirt dresses are pretty much just shirts worn as dresses, which may sound simple, but it can go terribly wrong. This guide to buying and styling the right shirt dress will help you master this trend and lets you get maximum value out of your shirt dresses.

  1. Pick For Your Shape

The single most important part of buying a shirt dress is choosing one that’s suited to your body shape; it’ll affect how you feel wearing it, how you move, and how you look overall. There are a variety of shirt dress shapes, so figuring out the right style for your body type is important. If you’re wider at the top, choose a dress with more volume at the bottom to even you out. Curvy gals should choose a v-neck and straight lines to reduce excess fabric. Straight figures should opt for a dress that cinches in at the waist to emphasise curves.

  1. Accessorise

The essential part of differentiating a shirt dress from a nightgown is accessorising it the right way. Otherwise, you could end up with a dull, shapeless dress that doesn’t do you any favours. Shirt dresses were made to be accessorised: cinch the waist with a belt, add a hat, or draw attention upward with a statement necklace. For a summery beach look, switch up your everyday tote bag for a cute backpack with your shirt dress, or keep it simple with a slicked back pony and dangly earrings.

  1. Shoes

Your shoes can transform your look, and this is especially true with shirt dresses. You can dress your outfit up or down just by changing your shoes, so make sure you decide what look you’re going for. A casual shirt dress looks fantastic with a pair of sneakers, but sky-high heels with a shirt dress will give you legs for days. A great trend right now is mule shoes, which totally go with the easy, breezy vibe of the shirt dress but still give you plenty of height.

  1. Layers

Shirt dresses are much easier to layer than normal dresses because they’re often less rigid and structured. You have way more styling options, which can give you a lot of bang for your buck out of just one shirt dress. You can layer up with a denim jacket or a cute cardigan for cooler evenings, or take layering to the next level by throwing a skirt on top of the dress or keeping the dress unbuttoned over a pair of shorts. Get creative, and you might just find your new favourite outfit.


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