Real Techniques Stippling Brush

(Author ~ Sanchita)

I have been using this RT Stippling Brush for over a year now and I have to say, I don’t want to use any other brand after RT. It helps me to blend everything really well and works exceptionally well for bronzers and highlighters. Read on to know about the Real Techniques Stippling Brush in details.

PRICE$10.00/ Rs. 2199 (Price varies in different e-commerce sites in India and also available on discount)


The Real Techniques Stippling Brush comes in a plastic packaging. The brush has a pink and black handle with the brand name and brush name written on the body. The brush doesn’t come with a holder or case though. The brush has a light weight feature and very easy to handle. I have travelled with this brush a numerous times and it has never created any fuss at all.

The built of the brush is really good. It has white synthetic fibers at the top portion to pick up the product and a black natural fibers at the bottom, which are denser. The bristles have a medium stiff base but great for stippling. It is made up of 100% synthetic taklon bristles which are cruelty free and total vegan allergy free brush. The brand claims to have ‘taklon’ bristles. This means it is vegan and allergy free or synthetic, substitute of animal hair brushes. Taklon brushes are easier to clean, does not retain powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals at all, which is great for skin. The length of the bristles are neither too short nor too long – it is perfect for my use. This is why you can also swirl the brush.

While I was new with this brush, I used to swirl it a lot as a beginner. Even then, the brush didn’t disappoint. When I finally got the hang of the tool, I always stippled my foundation, moisturizer or other product and it gave me an airbrushed look. You will never get a patchy look with this brush.

I use this brush for liquid primers, moisturizers, liquid foundations, bronzer, contouring, blush and highlight. Generally, sponges absorb way too much liquid product and I get low coverage. All you need to do is use a stippling motion and keep on doing it until it gives an airbrushed look. The brush picks up right amount of product and deposits, giving the best coverage. For contour, bronzing, blush and highlighting as well, the brush will never pick extra or give a patchy look. I wasn’t very good with cream blushes but this brush always came to my rescue. It blended everything like a dream and works well for professionals as well as beginners.

The quality of the brush is unbeatable. This is why I don’t mind spending on this brand. I have washed several times and it hardly shredded a bristles or two over the passage of a year or so. Also, if you see eh brush closely, you won’t find it stained at all. When I wash it with a baby shampoo, it looks squeaky clean and never stains at all. Thus, the brush looks as good as new. The brush never changes the shape at all. It dries off quickly if you soak the water well in a cotton cloth. I do like the original price tag but when I bought in India, it costed a bomb, thus, the availability is slightly a con. 

OVERALL – The Real Techniques Stippling Brush comes in a pink and black packaging with 100% synthetic taklon bristles which are cruelty free. The bristles are of medium length and the brush can be used for a number of purposes. It doesn’t shed or change the shape and gives a flawless, airbrushed look to the skin.


  • Light weight packaging.
  • Extremely soft, medium-length bristles.
  • Taklon fibers and 100% cruelty-free.
  • Easy to stipple and swirl.
  • Gives a flawless, airbrushed look.
  • Great for liquid primers, moisturizers, liquid foundations, bronzer, contouring, blush and highlight
  • Doesn’t shed.


  1. Light weight and easy to use.
  2. Bristles are soft and easy to use.
  3. It is made of taklon fibers and 100% cruelty-free.
  4. Works for liquid primers, moisturizers, liquid foundations, bronzer, contouring, blush and highlight.
  5. Easy to wash, doesn’t stain or shed.
  6. No cakey or patchy finish.


  1. Expensive in India.

RECOMMENDATION – The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is one of the must-have brush and has versatile uses. I would highly recommend this one.

My Rating: 8.2/10


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