Swimsuit season is upon us, and while that might usually elicit resounding panicky moans, this year is going to be different ladies. The trends are ever in our favour: we’re talking sexy one pieces, flirty off-the-shoulder tops that make us feel like buxom bombshells, and textured fabrics that do double duty to conceal and distract. Whip your swimsuit collection into tip-top shape with the help of these six swimwear trends that will make you actually excited to go swimsuit shopping, even after a heavy lunch. We’re that serious about these trends.

1. One Pieces

We never thought we’d see one pieces back in style, but every season they seem to keep coming back better than ever. We’re not sure if it’s because they make the wearer seem more confident (leave the string-kinis to those who have something to prove!), or maybe it’s just because they’re so darn cute. Modernize your one-piece fetish with the asymmetrical one-strap that we’re seeing everywhere, or amp up the sex appeal with side cutouts or lace-up sides.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

This summer, off-the-shoulder tops are so trendy they’ve made the leap to swimwear. These swim tops are super cute, and give some well-deserved attention to our sexy shoulders and collarbones. Plus, you can pop on shorts or a skirt for your after-party beach wear—no shirt required! These flirty and ultra-feminine tops have tons of variations, like ruffled sleeves, lace-up fronts, and adorable checkered patterns.

3. Unique Fabrics

The verdict is in: boring, old spandex suits are out, and fresh new fabrics are in. Give your swimwear a little pizzazz with a unique fabric, like denim, velvet, or crochet for a trendy look that we can’t get enough of. Texture is everything, but beware: not all suits were made for water. These suits look a heck of alot better lying by the side of the pool than in it, but that’s okay. Who wants to get their hair wet anyway?

4. Colour Blocking

Colour blocking isn’t a new trend, but it sure is for swimwear. These geometric patterns in bright, basic primary colours are so stylishly simple, but also unbelievably eye-catching. Maybe it takes us back to our pre-school days, but something about these colour-blocked suits is so deliciously satisfying to us. We’ll take two, please!

5. Simple Bralettes

We’re seeing teensy little bralettes on celebrities everywhere, and now they’ve migrated to swimwear. These tiny little tops are barely holding everything in, and maybe that’s half the fun. Keep your bralette minimalistic with a simple hue and texture—the barely-there swim top is sexy enough on its own!

6. Stripes

Stripes (vertical, not horizontal—we’re not monsters) are in for swimwear this summer, and the brighter the better. Blinding, rainbow-coloured stripes that force you to put on a pair of sunglasses are right up our alley, but you’re going to need a hint of colour to pull of this look so go and get your spray tan on. You can surely try Ann Summers promo codes which would help you find your perfect swimsuit at economical prices.

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