Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 22Hr Review, EOTD and Swatches

(Author ~ Sanchita)

For my regular Kajals, I used to love Lakme Eyeconic (10hr) one for a long time and then I shifted to other kohls in the market. My experience with Lakme Eyeconic (10hr) was pretty good and that is why I was so intrigued when the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 22Hr one was launched. I have been using this kohl for a month now and here’s my detailed review on the product in question.

PRICE – Rs. 180 for 0.35g


Packaging – The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 22Hr comes in a blue cardboard packaging with detailed information written on it. The kajal is encased in a black slim retractable pencil with a slim cap. The shade is written on the bottom and the brand name is written in distinct blue font. I love retractable packaging there is no fuss of carrying a sharpener while travelling and also no wastage of product. It is easy to use on-the-go, efficient in functioning and travel friendly.

Shade and Pigmentation – The shade is jet black without any gray touch. The pigmentation is on point as it shows up well. But you definitely require multiple swipes to get the desired color. The shade and pigmentation is pretty good for budget-friendly regular kohl. You can use this as a kajal, eyeliner or even as a base for eyeshadow.


Texture – The texture is soft, creamy and easy on the eyes. You do not need to exert excess pressure while application and it glides well on the eyes. You can smudge with a brush to get a natural smoky eye. There is no tugging or pulling on the skin and the kajal sets quickly as well. Overall, I love the texture and it is also Ophthalmologist tested. It has never irritated my eyes at all.

Finish and Formula – The finish of the kajal is matte but nothing that will turn flaky. The formula is truly smudge proof and waterproof. It won’t seep down when you splash water or get smudged giving racoon eyes at all. . I have washed my face several times with the kajal and truly it doesn’t get removed by water too.

Longevity – The kajal has a pretty good longevity. It stayed well on my eyes for about 8-9hrs, which is literally whole day for me. It gets removed from water line after few hours and only remains a faint layer. However, on the edges, it remains intact and doesn’t smudge for a long time. Price wise, I am happy Lakme reduced to 180 INR for 210 INR.

Comparison with the 10Hr formulation – I have no complaints regarding the kajal except for the fact that the 22Hr thing is a marketing gimmick to re-launch the product. The performance is pretty the same when I used the 10Hr one. Also, who wears kajal for 22Hr?

OVERALL – Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 22Hr comes in a retractable body which jet black that has good color pay off with few swipes. The texture is creamy which glides well and the formula is smudge proof and waterproof with a decent wear time of 8-9hrs.


  • Packaging – Retractable twist up function.
  • Shade – Jet black.
  • Pigmentation – Good with few swipes.
  • Texture – Creamy smooth.
  • Finish – Matte.
  • Formula – Smudge proof and waterproof
  • Staying Power – 8-9hrs


  1. Retractable packaging.
  2. Jet black color.
  3. Good pigmentation.
  4. Creamy texture.
  5. Formula is smudge proof and waterproof.
  6. Ophthalmologist tested.
  7. Staying power is 8-9hrs
  8. Reasonable price tag


  1. 22Hr is a marketing gimmick.

BnB RATING – 7/10

RECOMMENDATION – If you are a fan of Lakme Eyeconic Kajal of the old version, then you would love this one too because these are literally the same thing. It is a good option for regular budget friendly kohl.



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