Having absolutely fabulous looking hair every single day is easier than you might think. With a little bit of consideration, you can rock salon-like straight styles without having to spend all your time and money in an actual salon. All you need achieve a professional look at home are the right tools.

The type of hair iron (or straightener) you choose depends on the type of hair you have and its length. One of the things you need to consider is the width of the iron. Think about it: it would be totally impractical to try to straighten long, thick hair with a tiny iron and nearly impossible to get the precision you need using a wide iron on short hair. Narrow irons, between 1-4 cm, are best suited to shorter styles. For medium length hair, look for plates between 2.5-5 cm while long styles are ideal for irons in the 3-5 cm range.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the types of irons available, it is important to say a little something about temperature. If you have thin, fine, or damaged hair, you’ll want to keep the temperature as low as possible. Exposure to high heat will only cause more damage. For thick, coarse, or curly hair, look for an iron that allows you to turn the temperature up to the 190-210 ℃.

Now that you know about size and temperature, it is time to think about the different types of irons on the market. Hair irons can be made with different types of plates, each coming with their own pros and cons. Take a look:


Ceramic Plates

The majority of hair irons contain ceramic plates and are perfect for all hair types. Whether your hair is dry, fine, or normal, ceramic hair irons are not likely to cause much damage. They use less heat which means you don’t have to spend long periods of time exposing your hair to high temperatures. And the heat they do generate is distributed evenly across the plate, preventing burning and frying. Ceramic is a smooth surface which means that it will not tug and pull at your hair during use. For ceramic hair irons that will leave your hair smooth and shiney, take a look at these available offerings from Cloud Nine.

Titanium Plates

When short on time, titanium plates can be your salvation. Titanium maintains a consistent temperature which means you can effectively straighten your hair, reducing the time you need to spend getting the job done. These irons are extremely durable, heat up quickly, and work well for damaged and normal hair.

Ionic Tourmaline Plates

If you have damaged or curly hair, this is the iron for you. These plates use negative ions to neutralize the positive ions in your hair, reducing the static charge, increasing shine, relaxing your hair, and eliminating frizz. Ionic tourmaline irons are not likely to damage your hair but if you use them for too long at one time, you may notice your hair feeling a little dry.


Aluminum, Alloy, or Glass Plates

These types of plates are best avoided. Aluminum and alloy plates, apply heat directly onto the hair shaft, making hair dry and brittle. Because these irons don’t heat evenly, they produce hot spots that can burn and break your hair. With prolonged use, these irons can cause extreme damage. If you insist on using one, make sure you have an extremely good hair care, moisturizing, and conditioning routine.

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