We had the chance to play with a new little app that we like quite a lot. Instantgo lets beauty addicts like you get in contact with their favorite beauty experts. Indeed, Instantgo allows you to get a direct and personal answer and personal advices from the blogger or influencer you love to watch everyday. It’s simple to use as you can decide to text, call or even video call your favorite makeup artist and get an answer right away. We often need to get help choosing the best color combination or what style would work for a specific occasion.

In a digital world, it is great to be able to get immediate answers to our most pressing questions. Try to think about the time just before you go out, when nothing looks right and getting ready becomes a real nightmare! Whether you are going to a first date or just an important meeting and you have no idea what to wear. You are just in desperate need for a quick fashion or personal advice and maybe someone can give you this extra help.

The digitalization of beauty is an important step forward, as there are over three thousand new makeup related video posted on YouTube everyday alone. Unfortunately, most often than not, these videos are general and not really directed to you. We all have our own specific questions and needs and the true solution is to have someone who understands our specific situation: It’s a true plus to interact with someone on a video call for example and feel that you are personally being pampered with someone who care about you. You just can feel the difference and this is a revolution for us and our looks! Most of the time the cream, lotion, blush, lipstick, fits us and have the same result on everyone but there are also times when it’s just not what you have expected. There is now another way to get the opportunity to discuss about your preferred products and get better results.


What is nice as well is that Instantgo works both ways. As much as you can contact beauty experts for your own personal needs, you can also share all the things you know about fashion and more for people to contact you.  It’s a simple way to share your knowledge, time and get rewarded for it.

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