Being in college is a moment when students engage in serious learning that defines their future. During this period, students engage in new social circles, new schedules with little supervisions and also they become young adults. This transformation becomes smooth for some learners although for some it is defined as harsh and confusing. It is evident that signs of mental wellbeing issues begin in college where many of the college students are reported to suffer from depression, some are considered to be suicidal and even others drop out of colleges due to mental health issues. However, some of the common mental health problems are an anxiety disorder, stress, uneasiness, and depression. Many of the students with mental problems turn to risky activities like smoking marijuana, heavy alcohol drinking. Accordingly, it is imperative to understand several tips that can help college students maintain their mental health.

Socialize with New People

While in college, some of the students get stuck between maintaining their classwork, exams and also the social life which at times makes them fail to uphold their mental wellness. However, it is important for the students to take advantage of engaging in freshman orientation activities because there are high chances of meeting new people. The team from Essay Zoo recommends that if one has high school peers in college, it is good to avoid hanging out with them and involve yourself with new people who view the world in a different perspective. With the new friends, students can share their past stories which can assist one to be a bit enlightened, get to know the best advisors and with all this, college students can feel more comfortable and connected.


Exercising is a significant aspect of maintaining a good mental health and helps fight depression and stress. Involving exercise in a tight schedule is not easy, but sometimes students should be taking a little break from their studies and engage in regular exercises. In order for the students to get themselves motivated to exercise, one can take a friend and together go for bike riding or even play a sport. Exercising keeps one’s mind busy and focused and therefore minimizing chances of getting oneself stuck in stress and depression. Also, going to the gym or fitness classes during the free time can help many students keep up with their college life.


College life can be sometimes tempting for one to live on junk food like sandwiches but it is important to keep in mind that body and mind are always connected. When engaged in a busy schedule, good nutrition is the first thing that many students eliminate. It is therefore important to choose a good variety of what you are consuming and also to regularly eat in order to keep up the body energy. Also, it is important to take breakfast, carry water with you and remember to eat fruits.


It is difficult to maintain a 100% mental health, but getting adequate sleep is significant for one’s mental wellness. Many of the college students fail to sleep at night and go for parties and night studies until insomnia becomes a problem. Without sleep, human beings do not concentrate. Lack of sleep can also impair your ability to think right and have a big effect on your class achievements. However, it is important to get a night rest of 7-8 hours or even extend until you are fully rested, sometimes take a nap during the daytime and also create a bedtime routine.

Avoid Drug Abuse

Many of the college students with mental problems tend to engage themselves with excessive alcohol and drug use. Sometimes drugs and alcohol might seem to give you some relief from mental issues but they do not solve any problem rather drugs drives you to more mental and even physical damages. Students should understand that drug abuse problems have a great impact on their family, communities and also to their school. To avoid being indulged into substance use, students should focus on helping each other develop an attitude, knowledge, and skills for good decision making and also seek help from a professional counselor.

Seek Professional Counseling

Psychological help is always available in colleges and it is the student’s responsibility to seek the help they require. It is evident that many people feel ashamed to express their feelings and ask for help which is unnecessary because you cannot deal with mental problems alone.  Whenever you are feeling anxious, stressed or even depressed, it is important for one not to be afraid to talk to professors and explain their feelings and concerns. Also, it is not good to depend on the peer’s advice because you might require more help. Moreover, students should have the counselor’s contact so that they can be regularly communicating until they get sufficient help.


College students face mental problems as they try to cope with their college life. Today, psychological problems have become a common problem in colleges and it is portrayed through student’s body language or during the day to day activities. Some of this problems are an anxiety disorder, stress, depression, and uneasiness. However, some of the tips that can help the college students to maintain mental health are exercise, sleep, nutrition, avoiding drug abuse, socializing with new people and also seeking professional counseling.

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