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I’ve mentioned countless times about my obsession for Real Techniques and Zoeva brushes. I guess its safe to say I am a BIG fan of these two brands. So recently I thought of expanding my brush collection and after reading lot of online reviews I brought BH Cosmetics 36 piece Ultimate brush set. When I first saw this set online I thought that it was very well priced and a dream had so many variety of brushes – what more could I ask for. I live for contour make-up brushes and I always tend to neglect eye make-up brushes, so for me this was an wonderful opportunity to try as well as test this famous brush set.

Throughout the history of “Shreya shopping Online” which is a long history, I’ve never gotten as excited about any makeup purchase as I got for this 36 Piece Brush Set.

The good thing about this brush set is you can find variety of brushes: from contouring brushes to brushes specially designed for bluffing your way to flawless foundation and of course tons of eyeshadow / eyeliner brushes.

Check out the individual break downs :

Brush No.1 – The Eyebrow Brush

I Use It For? Eyebrows

My Views:

  • Bristles could have been more softer.
  • keeps your brows in place.
  • Make my eyebrows looking sharp.


Brush No.2- Spooley Brush

I Use It For? Eyelashes and Eyebrows

My Views:

  • Easy to clean
  • Not that soft
  • makes your eyebrows look natural.
  • Perfect for removing clumps after applying mascara.


Brush No.3- Small Fan Brush

I Use It For? Highlighting my nose bridge and cupid’s bow.

My Views:

  • This one is not very dense.
  • Bristles are soft
  • The brush lost some shape and the outer bristles started getting a little bit funny.


Brush No.4 – Shadow Sponge Brush

I Use It For ? Powder Eyeshadow, Smudging Eyeliner and applying highlighter in my inner corner

My Views:

  • This brush is fantastic for applying powder eyeshadows
  • Perfect for creating a smokey look
  • For appling eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

Brush No. 5 – Eyeliner Brush

I Use It For ? Eyeliner or Applying Eyeshadow on lower lashline.

My Views:

  • requires a steady hand for clean lines.
  • difficult to use for tightlining.
  • didn’t give me much control to do a cat eye

Brush No.6 – Angled Liner Brush

I Use It For ? Eyeliner and contouring my nose.

My Views:

  • Good quality
  • doesn’t shed
  • can draw a very delicate line.


Brush No.7- Rounded Liner brush.

I Use It For ? Highlighting under brows and applying shadow in my inner corner of eyes.

My View:

  • Applying concealer on your brow bone for the defined brow look.
  • This brush is great for V work
  • any small detail work near lash line.
  • its much more softer than the angled brush.


Brush No.8 – Bent Eyeliner Brush

I Use It For ? Eyeliner or for applying dark eyeshadow on lower lash-line

My Views:

  • Perfect for drawing cat eye.
  • Its not very dense making it hard to apply gel liner.
  • Maybe its the gel liner but I find it very difficult to use.

It is impossible for me to review each and every brush separately :D but honestly I loved loved the quality of all medium size eye – makeup brushes as well as the face brushes. My only wish was more contour brushes and less of the smudging brushes.

 BnB Rating: 8.1/10




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