As the weather is getting better here in Missouri I thought of shifting to some new skincare products and Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub is one them. This is an effective cream based scrub that is perfect for mild exfoliation in the winters.  Because the scrub is sugar-based, it doesn’t sting like some salt-based scrubs do, it has honey as one of the key ingredient which helps to moisturize skin. 

Price: $11.99 in USA

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub comes in a transparent plastic jar with a pink cap. The jar is quite sturdy and the cap closes tightly, so the contents remain safe even in my check in luggage. Although, I prefer tube packaging because its more hygienic, I would recommend using spatula to remove the product whenever you use this in shower. For the first-time when I used it in shower, I found it difficult to use as the scrub made my bathtub messy (the raw sugar in it dissolves quickly). However, after reading the instructions properly I started applying this on damp skin and not on slippery wet skin…that way it lasted long enough to properly scrub and exfoliate my skin.

Most of the body scrubs I used in the past were too abrasive, some even made my skin red, but honestly this did not do that! The cupuacu scrubbies soften my skin and gives a nice luxurious shine. Did I tell you guys that this scrub has an amazing smell, Oh YEAH ! I can describe the fragrance as yummy, not that I’ve eaten it, but seriously wonderful fresh scent. The fragrance remains for good 1-2 hours and keeps lingering even after that time period. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub has Oat, Sugar, Shea, Banana, Almond, Maple & Honey as key ingredients.

The scrub cleanses my skin gently and leaves it smooth once you wash off the scrub. No residue is left after washing and also it doesn’t dry out my skin though I always apply a body lotion after shower.

Overall, this is a wonderful scrub that would work for all skin types. I particularly like it in the winter as it makes my skin soft. It exfoliates, helps to remove dry skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. If you’re looking for a good body scrub this one is worth a try! Yeah and that delicious fragrance to wake up to!



BnB Rating: 8.9/10





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