I know we’re not quite ready to be getting into huge spring/summer hauls but I’m so done with Christmas makeup and red lips. This also the perfect time to relax and get into more skin-care products. Although, winter didn’t stop me from creating heavenly looks with my new Urban Decay Naked Heat eye-shadow palette and my Kylie Cosmetics Dreamy matte-to-sparkle liquid lipsticks. This was kind of impulse buy as I’ve been thinking about getting new makeup for a while now. I promise I won’t bore you all with my long stories about what exactly motivated me to buy new makeup, basically I’m just sharing with you guys ( & also reviewing) three products from Benefit Cosmetics.


Let’s jump into the haul and see if any of the product really impressed me…

BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

When it comes to mascara I’ve many drugstore favorites that’s why I never really thought of getting a high end mascara. For a change I thought of stocking my vanity with some cute looking products. Now, Benefit says, it curls lashes and for an overly-lazy girl like me who skips curling her lashes and don’t even know where the hell her lash curler is, a curling mascara seems to be a blessing. I don’t know if this actually curls my eyelashes, but yes my eyelashes totally look bomb after just one coat using!

Now just like ‘They’RE Real’ Mascara Benefit decided to put less product, that makes me believe in those reviews who say it’s over-priced. For me this is breathtakingly awesome but we girls have makeup budgets & we can’t have a mascara tube that runs out very quickly. ;-) Just Saying !


 Erase Paste concealer

This one is discontinued and they’ve released the new boing brightening concealer with similar formula. You can find the old erase paste on Amazon.

Goof Proof eyebrow pencil

I can straight away say that this one is my favourite, no more goofing when you’re filling up your brows. It made my eyebrow filling job much more easier and this one product does everything. I no longer need separate brush to fill my brows, nor do I need to set them with some eyebrow gel.

One product is enough to do everything, I actually have two of these one in my makeup bag and one in my makeup drawer. I went from using the  Rimmel eyebrow pencil to this and I’m so happy that I upgraded.  I’m definitely sticking to this…


Have you tried any of these products? Or do you like some other products from Benefit Cosmetics ?
Let me know your comments below





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