Hello My Cupcakes! This Saturday morning I got in from the gym and realised I had 20 minutes until I needed to leave for Comic con party. So, being the unorganised person that I am, I started doing my makeup immediately after I got home and without even thinking what look I’m going for. In this chaos, I somehow managed to have time to take a couple of pictures for Instagram and for my blog too!  I noticed something incredibly awesome and that was … ME LOOKING glam without any glitter – all thanks to my new Esqido False Lashes !


My Experience with Unforgettable Lashes?

While searching for lash glue online I came across the Esqido Lashes and totally fell in love with them right away. I picked up one pair of lashes called Unforgettable (HERE: ESQIDO mink lashes) and their famous lash glue called Companion(HERE: ESQIDO eyelash glue) from their website . Esqido lashes are perfect for adding some extra drama without being OTT. I’ve also never found any false lashes that blend in so beautifully with my natural lashes. Esqido has so many amazing options if you’re hunting for high-quality false lashes. Next time I’m planning to pick Nebula and Nimbus which are specially made for those who like extra volume and good length like me.

These are dramatic but not over crazily that will make your lashes look fake. These add a pretty fullness and length to my lashes. I’ve noticed that if I removed them properly  and stored them carefully, they can be reused many times. I’ve used this single pair for about 6 times and I’m amused that they have retained their shape. My lashes don’t have volume and are naturally smaller and that’s why I need something that can really blend flawlessly with my natural lashes. But none of the lashes I tried in past did that, and this is the main reason why I’m so impressed with Esqido lashes. Once you start using such high-quality lashes I’m sure that like me even you will feel a little bit underdressed without a pair of false lashes on. Friday nights aren’t the same unless I’ve got some Esqido lashes on to complete my makeup look. The lashes are very flexible and the lash line is totally softer.


My Views on Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue ?

As you all know by now that False eyelashes are a staple in my everyday makeup looks. Sadly, all the adhesives I’ve tried in the past for my false lashes have never really worked well for me. But not this one, this is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried. It gets tacky quickly and sticks on like magic. While watching a movie when I was crying my eyes, my lashes stayed which never happened before this glue came into my life! Esqido Companion Lash glue exceeded my expectations and I’m soooo HAPPY with it!


Overall, I love these eyelashes and whenever I feel like my makeup needs something a little extra to pull it all together I reach out for these. I highly recommend to try Esqido Lashes and also the Lash glue.

BnB Rating : 9.6/10



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