I do experiment with eye makeup but one thing I always prefer – dark kohl. Be it black, brown, blue or green, I have always loved deep eye makeup. At a recent occasion, a friend of mine did a nude simple eye makeup look on me and I loved how natural and beautiful it turned out. It made the eye area look bright and natural without any exaggeration. To experiment further, I picked up the shade ‘Soft Nude’ from Maybelline. I feel the white kajal from Lakme looked slightly artificial so this creamy color was the perfect pick for me.

Product Name: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil 
Shade:  Soft Nude

PRICE – 499/- INR for 1.1 gm


Packaging – The Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil comes in a color coded packaging and all the information has been included. The gel pencil has a sleek wooden body which is color coded and the body is sharpenable. This is slightly disheartening as you lose a chunk of the product. Beside, the sharpener is not included in the packaging. It has a transparent cap that fits perfectly as well. All in all, the packaging is lightweight, sleek and travel friendly.

Shade – The shade ‘Soft Nude’ is a light beige creamy nude kajal with pearly finish. The pearl finish gives a soft shiny look without any exaggeration. It is great for Indian skin tones and you can also use it in various other ways. It can be used all over the lids and use a pop of color to make it look bright and vibrant. It can also be used on the corner of the eyes with slight smudging to give a highlighted illusion. Overall, the color is beautiful and versatile. Also, this is a great choice instead of a white kajal which does look stark.

Pigmentation – The pigmentation is good but sometimes it looks slightly streaky. You need a couple of swipes for the color to show off on the lash line and water line. The pigmentation brings out the best of the color.

Texture – The texture of the pencil is exceptionally good. It is smooth, creamy and glides on the eyes like a dream. It doesn’t tug or pull the eyelids at all and very easy to blend on the eyes. The texture is truly like a gel-eyeliner in a pencil form. However, the tip is really soft and creamy and thus if you apply too much pressure, it will break easily. Thus, always use a light hand with this one.

Finish and Formula – The finish of the eye pencil is slightly pearly. The formula is water proof and smudge-proof and once it settles down, it doesn’t budge or move at all. It never irritates the eyes and the Waterproof Gel Pencil is ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested and allergy tested. I like both the finish and formula.

Staying Power – The staying power is around 7hrs and then the colour starts fading slightly but that is completely nominal. When I used the pencil underneath a bright color, it really helped to elongate the staying power of the eyeshadow. Thus, the staying power is really good. Coming to the price tag, although it is reasonable but the pencil is finish very quickly due to the wastage of sharpening. Thus, the price could have been slightly lower.


OVERALL – The Maybelline Waterproof Gel Pencil Soft Nude is a natural pearly creamy beige color that comes in a sharpenable body and light weight packaging. The product is well pigmented, rich, soft and creamy that glides without tugging and has a decent water proof and smudge proof formula. It is long wearing, around 7hrs and easily available across the stores.


Packaging – Sharpenable body and color coded.

Shade – a light beige creamy nude kajal with pearly finish.

Suitable for – Brown skin tones.

Pigmentation – Good

Texture – Smooth and creamy.

Formula – Water proof and smudge proof,.

Staying power – Around 7hrs.


  1. Color coded packaging.
  2. The shade ‘Soft Nude’ is a light beige creamy nude kajal with pearly finish.
  3. Good pigmentation.
  4. Soft and creamy texture.
  5. Glides well and blends smoothly.
  6. Water proof and smudge proof completely.
  7. Ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested and allergy tested.
  8. Staying power is around 7hrs.
  9. Available in various shades.


  1. A lot of product is wastage due to sharpening.

BnB RATING – 8.5/10

RECOMMENDATION – This is a wonderful eye pencil to get a bright, awaken eye makeup look. I would highly recommend this one.




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