Get better understanding of the causes and symptoms of skin pigmentation to be able to chart the best way forward in fighting it.

Pigmentation 101: All You Need to Know

Everyone loves to have flawless and spotless skin. A common skin problem that impacts most people’s confidence and self-esteem is skin pigmentation. It is a gradual process of discoloration of the skin. Melanin, responsible for skin color, plays a central role in making you look fairer or darker. This change in color of the skin leads to several types of pigmentation such as solar lentigines, freckles, sunspots and melasma. Although there are many pigmentation reducing products in the market that claim to deal with the pigmentation problem, not all of them are made equal. It is important to gain a better understanding of the causes and symptoms of skin pigmentation to be able to chart the best way forward in fighting it. Let’s take a closer look at skin pigmentation, its causes, prevention methods, and remedies such as pigmentation reducing products.


Causes of Pigmentation

External Factors

1.      Allergies And Autoimmune Diseases

There are many types of allergies and autoimmune diseases that can cause pigmentation such as lupus erythematosus, Eczema, and Scleroderma. Eczema is one of the common autoimmune diseases that cause hypersensitivity allergy, which creates white patches on the skin.

2.      Burn

Human skin is extremely delicate as to easily get affected by direct sunlight or UV rays. They can cause skin burn and scar and ultimately lead to pigmentation.

Internal Factors

1.      Hormonal Changes

The skin changes color due to various hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy. The patches that often manifest during pregnancy are Melasma or chloasma. They are also known as marks of pregnancy.

2.      Genetic

For many people, pigmentation is a disease that is embedded in their DNA. If someone in your family suffers from skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, chances are you may also get the same problem.

How Can You Protect Your Skin From Pigmentation?

There are several preventive measures that you can follow to protect your skin from pigmentation. These include:

  1. Protecting your skin from direct exposure to the sun.
  2. Using medicated Pigmentation Reducing Products like Day cream for pigmentation
  3. Considering going for the best medical treatment after consulting your dermatologist.
  4. Establish whether or not the side-effects of medicines that you use include skin pigmentation.

Best Ways To Treat Pigmentation Marks

If you have pigmentation marks, first of all, diagnose the cause of your pigmentation marks by consulting a doctor. Don’t panic as there are many options to treat pigmentation marks. Some of the best ways to treat pigmentation marks are:

Home Remedies

Although there are many ‘home remedies’ for skin pigmentation, none has yet to record real success. One thing you can do, however, is drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your skin.



It is a medical procedure that helps to take off a layer of skin and remove pigmentation marks. This is a delicate procedure that must only be performed by experts. Look for a reputable and experienced professional in your area if you wish to go for this treatment option.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is a technique which is used to improve the appearance of the skin to make it lighter. A chemical mask is applied to the skin on the neck, face, or hands and gradually peeled off.

Pigmentation Reducing Products

If you are looking to get rid of pigmentation for quick and instant results but don’t want to opt for surgical treatments, going ahead with pigmentation reducing products that can be used at home such as anti-pigmentation day cream is the solution. Search online for the clinically tested products to treat various pigmentation problems and apply it regularly on the affected areas before you go out for the best result.

Wrap Up

Combating skin pigmentation to get flawless and beautiful skin is easy and effective when you choose the right products. It is however important to remember that the battle is never won overnight and you need to follow your skin care regimen religiously to attain the best results. Anti pigmentation day cream is one of the best pigmentation reducing products that you can buy online to form the core of your skin care regimen. As they say, “beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle!”





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