A friend of mine came back from US and brought a lot of drugstore goodies for me. Before Wet N Wild got officially launched in India, she gifted loads of Wet N Wild products and one of them was the Mega Wear Mascara. I have been trying this mascara and this was quiet a change for me as I mostly stick to my favourite Maybelline ones. The detailed review of the Wet N Wild Mega Wear Mascara has been penned down below.

PRICE – $5.24 for 0.024 fl. oz.


Wet N Wild Mega Wear Mascara comes in a very bright turquoise blue packaging. The shape of the mascara tube is cylindrical and has a screw lock system with the wand attached. The applicator is very simple in my opinion. It has a straight structure with tights packed medium-sized bristles – all of them are in similar length. The applicator is fine but covering the inner corners is time consuming. It doesn’t reach out to all the lashes properly. It picks up right amount of the product and coats the lashes just fine. Overall, the packaging is good, light weight and travel friendly.

The shade of the mascara is deep black but somehow it loses the pigmentation when I apply on the lashes. It gives a very greyish charcoal instead of a rich black color to the lashes. The texture of the mascara is whipped creamy but extremely light weight. Even after two coats the lashes didn’t feel heavy at all. However, there is a downside as well. You have to coat the lashes at least 4times to get the proper look. In spite of that, the mascara provides you with decent volume. Coming to effect – I feel this is more of a lengthening mascara than a volume boost one. Also, the mascara doesn’t help to retain the curl at all. In the eye swatch below, I curled the lashes at least twice but it turned out completely flat the moment I applied the mascara. The mascara makes my lower lashes look scanty as well. Overall, this mascara turned out to be a complete disaster.

I generally use this mascara when I am applying false lashes. I coat this once or twice to make the false lashes adhere well to my natural ones. The mascara doesn’t flake at all. It is smudge proof and dries down quickly after application. It has never irritated my eyes at all. The lashes feel rather smooth and not heavy at all. The wear time of the mascara is good as it stays for long but can’t hold the curls. This mascara isn’t water proof and even a good splash of mascara will ruin the makeup. Removing it at the end of the day is quite easy as well.

The price tag is of drugstore mascara but then also I would justify the price tag as it does nothing to the lashes. The volume and curl is nowhere to be seen and the lengthening part is nominal. Also, the mascara isn’t waterproof with a very average wand. Thus, the mascara didn’t work at all.

OVERALL – Wet N Wild Mega Wear Mascara has a decent packaging with a straight wand with short tightly packed bristles. The pigmentation is average and the mascara only adds a decent length with no volume and curl. It is not water proof as well.


Packaging – Cylindrical body.

Applicator – Straight with tightly packed bristles.

Texture – Whipped creamy and light weight texture.

Effect – Slight lengthening

Criticisms – No volume boost and doesn’t hold the curl

Formula – Only smudge-proof

Staying power – Average



  1. Bright coloured packaging.
  2. Light weight texture.
  3. Picks up right amount of product with the wand.
  4. Adds a certain length.
  5. Smudge proof.
  6. Doesn’t irritate the eyes.
  7. Decent staying power


  1. No volume.
  2. Can’t hold the curls.
  3. Not water proof.
  4. The wand could have been better.

BnB RATING – 2/10

RECOMMENDATION – I wouldn’t recommend the mascara at all. It is a complete failure with no volume and pigmentation.


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