Mushroom Risotto. Margherita Pizza. Lasange. Macaroni. Creamy Pasta. Tiramisu. Tomatoes and olive oil are mostly used in preparation. That is exactly how most of the people think of Italian Food, but the history of aroma and flavors of the legendary Italian cuisine goes back to the Roman culture. The land had been invaded and influenced by numerous cultures. The romans highlighted the importance and dominance of bread whereas the Greeks introduced staple food items like the dried figs and pickled olives. During those times, the extravagant used to ornate and display a variety of dishes in the shining serving ware. Renaissance flourished in Florence, the capital city where we have Tuscany, the Italian hotspot for authentic food.

Tuscany boasts its beautiful country side and stunning coastline. It was known as the land of bean eaters. Tuscans are known to use the stale bread to prepare the exotic summer salad – Panzanella. It comprises of fresh ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, basils, onions, tuna, etc and is seasoned with vinegar and olive oil. People start their meal with sliced meats or toasted bread spread with chicken. Ribollita, is the classic comfort soup mad with vegetables and bread. The scenic beauty of the land, fresh air with exotic food choice and cozy climate have made Tuscany a perfect vacation spot.

Cereal grains, olives, bread, wine and fresh ingredients which are locally available – are the characteristics of the Italian cuisine and make it so special. The Italian food is one of the few globally renowned foods that Indians are truly in love with. Although it is mostly a feature food on the Urban Dinning tables, yet the popularity is now surpassing beyond the city life. While we order food online in Delhi, we easily fall back upon pastas, pizzas and rissottos to satisfy our cravings for the Italian Food. With numerous herbs, vegetables, meats and signature sauces, each dish is a different and offers diverse customization options. Recently, I heard from a fitness freak friend, about Workout Pizza being offered in one of the stores. This pizza variety uses cabbage instead of cheese and with its whole wheat base, is a hot choice for all those who struggling to shed a few kgs. Be it the randomly planned game nights, or road trips or cosy family get togethers, home made pizzas are a favorite option for a filling and quick meal. However, at the end of the day, one can easily rely on ordering food online.

It is commendable to note that the food delivery vendors are surprising every one with their operations and logistics strategies. The food is served with the finest quality and is served hot or cold, as required. There is a competition among them, for the quickest service for food delivery, while catering to the customers who order food online in Delhi. While Delhi traffic and metro population woes make the headlines each day, how these guys beat the traffic and provide a quickest delivery is still a mystery which the end users rarely care about.

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