There’s a new hair tool in trend – hot brush. I have medium wavy hair which is extremely prone to frizz and becomes really unmanageable at time. Now since my hair is also very thin, straightening the hair makes it flat and limp and I have not yet mastered the art of blow drying to add the much needed bounce and shine. When I saw few demo of this hot brush, I immediately made a purchase. I have been using it more than a year now and here’s the detailed review.  

PRICE – Rs. 3999


The hot brush comes in a large sturdy box with all the necessary information written about it. For a first time user of hot brush, I would high recommend you to read the instructions carefully before you start off with it. I picked up the color black – thus the brush is glossy black in colour with almost light weight body. The handle has a small LED panel which is meant for temperature. There are three switches on the sides of the handle – Power button and the other two are for temperature increase and decrease. It is really good if you want a low temperature to protect the hair. Also, if you have thick hair, the high temperature will ensure that the heat smoothen the frizz. It has 1-hour automatic shut down technology, which I think is great and safe. Coming to the bristles, it has very thick bristles with the tip of each bristle has an orange silicone with a round tip that helps in massaging the scalp. The silicone tip prevents the scalp from being burnt as it doesn’t heat up so much. Thus, the brush has been carefully structured.

First and foremost, you need to see the demo properly or read the instructions thoroughly. When I used the brush, I failed multiple times to get the optimum benefit out of it. But when I mastered the art successfully, I hardly go back to my straightener. Follow the steps enumerated below –

  • To start off, always use a conditioner or a good leave-in
  • To use this brush, make sure your hair is completely dry from root to tip. You can air dry the hair or use a blow dryer. If the hair is wet or even slightly damp, it may damage the hair and lead to breakage.
  • Secondly, use small sections of hair so that the heat is distributed properly.
  • You have to work slowly with the brush. If you work too fast, the heat won’t be distributed and you have to pull the hair too many times and thereby, damaging it. Also make sure the hair goes deep inside the bristles.
  • Hold the section of the hair with a free hand tautly, place the brush below the sectioned hair near the roots and brush it outwards.
  • To add volume and bounce to the hair, comb it in the opposite direction of the hair flow. For e.g. If you have a left parting, comb the hair towards right. Then leave the hair be and after sometime comb it usually.
  • Once you have mastered this hot brush, you can comb it to give volume and soft curls to the hair.

The hair does look shiny and smooth once you have used it correctly. It reduces frizz and hold the style for quite a long duration. If you are attending any special occasion, lock the style with a hair spray. This brush won’t give you the poker straight hair (in case you are looking for that) but a soft naturally straight and bouncy hair without any limp. It has ionic technology for faster styling and it emits nourishing negative ions to add shine. The product says that it is ideal for applying hair oil treatments but honesty, I didn’t do that. I don’t want to put heat styling tools after I oil my hair and also the bristles will be brushed with super thick oil the next time I use it. It comes with 1 hour automatic shut-off which is pretty safe.

Criticisms While I love this hair brush as an amazing substitute for hair straightener, there are some drawbacks. The hot brush takes a long time for thick or super curly hair. For thick hair and super curly hair, I would say that hair straightener is a better option than this one. The power button is placed where you actually grip the brush and I often tend to change it without intending to. If your hair is tangled to prone to tangles, make sure you use a good conditioner otherwise the brush may lead to hair breakage.


  1. Sturdy structured light weight heat styling tool for hair.
  2. A great alternative for hair straightener.
  3. Easy to use in a hurry.
  4. Makes the hair look naturally straight.
  5. Less damaging than hair straightener.
  6. You can add volume, bounce and soft waves as well.
  7. Ionic technology for faster styling
  8. Emits nourishing negative ions to add shine
  9. Super fast heat up time 80°C – 230°C
  10. 1 hour automatic shut-off


  1. Takes time to master the brush techniques.
  2. It will not be very effective for thick or super curly hair.
  3. The power button placement isn’t good.
  4. Only works on dry hair.
  5. Expensive.

BnB RATING – 7.5/10

RECOMMENDATION – Corioliss 3 in 1 Digital Heated Hot Brush is good alternative for hair straightener. If you have manageable, dry, frizzy and wavy hair and you want a quick solution without using a strong heat styling tool for hair, this is a great solution.  







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