The fashion is ever evolving and subjects to change in the blink of an eye. 2018 has opened several possibilities for style conscious people like you. With the whole new fashion trends to opt from, you may get confused about the hot trends of the New Year that will make you look stylishly chic.

So, here is the reckoner with options like the Designer Indo western gowns and ethnic dresses. They will surely enhance your style quotient. Regardless of the occasion, you need to have the trendy collection to make a visual impact on people. The top trends of the New Year focus on cosiness and flair.

Trend #1: Indo Western Dresses

You may feel amazed that fusion of Indian and Western dresses is the current fashion trend that has stormed the industry. Their synchronisation has given rise to new styles with unique prints and styles. The latest Indo Western Designer Suits uses the intricate details to make you look chic and sophisticated.

The appealing combination of western details and Indian embellishments beautifies the dress. With several styles like Skirts, Palazzos, tops, etc. the Indo Westerns outfits make you look gorgeous without causing discomfort. It is the best-opted fashion for office wear, casuals, and Special Occasions.

Trend #2: Indian Ethnic Wear

With the growing popularity of the western clothes, many have ditched the traditional Indian attires. But the latest trend of contemporary ethnic clothes has grabbed fashionista’s attention. You can also follow this trend to update yourself. The new Indian designer dresses have reinvented the aesthetics and style.

The silhouettes that draw inspiration from traditional Indian dress will make you look elegant with a sexy twist. It is a fashion that you can flaunt with confidence at any special occasions.


The diverse print patterns, an exotic mix of colours, and heavy work are something that you will love to wear. From sarees, salwar, to lehengas you can experiment with your looks by accessorising it perfectly to steal the show.

Trend #3: Anarkali Dress

Once a part of the Mughal wardrobe, the trend has shifted to accommodate the current needs of fashion. You can bewitch others with the splendour Anarkali suits that will give you a royal look.

The different styles of the dress will give you fashion goals. The rich embroidery and mirror works can enchant everyone visually.

The new Anarkali with long sleeves, high collar necks, and embroidery works will add up to your charisma. It is perfect for any special occasion where you want to shine and garner applauds.

Trend #4: Asymmetrical Hemlines

The fashion trends give rise to new patterns. Like the hi-low hemlines has evolved to make you look stylish without putting much effort. The different cuts, styles, and layers of the design give you an option to experiment with your look. Expand your fashion boundaries by opting for the Asymmetrical hemlines to give you a quirky appeal.

The hemlines of the dress that is short in the back or front can balance your figure to accentuate your feminine profile. The style will make a bold fashion statement at any occasion. The bright colours can give you a cheerful look. While the different Indian embellishments add striking appeal to your apparel.


Trend #5: Kurti

Apart from the Indo western suit, the kurtis are the most comfortable option that blends comfort and style. It gives you a magnificent and royal appeal. It is the most favoured choice for office, wedding or party wear. It accentuates the shape of the body with several cuts like A-line, straight cut, Angarakha, etc.


You will look cool, comfy, and splendid. The different embroidery, Kutch and mirror work in the attire enhances your appeal. You can pair it will simple leggings or jeans to develop a new look that mesmerises others.


We need to update ourselves with the latest trends all the time to keep up with the world. The different styles of Indo western suit are stepping into the international fashion scene as the popularity is growing day by day. Keeping up with the different fashion changes in haute couture will help you achieve fashion milestones.


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