Pregnancy is the most cherish period of a woman’s life. You are looked at both as a child and a mother. The feeling of becoming a mother is so exciting and you prepare yourself to the next big step into life. This is also the period when you got to be very careful with respect to your health. You are not a single person now, you are two people inside one body. Your health is a direct reflection of your child’s health inside you. So, we bring some of the cautious symptoms which you should never ignore. Be it mild to acute, but never ignore any of these symptoms especially when you are pregnant. These are the result of a medical research at a maternity hospital in Mumbai and other papers to arrive at these symptoms:

  1. Pain in your upper or middle abdomen without any signs of vomit or nausea is a warning sign which you should never ignore. This could be a mild body heat to indigestion to having an acidity. But never let any sign go unnoticed. Small or big the symptom is visited a Gynecologist in Gurgaon if you are from the city like or visit a good gynec doctor near you. This abdominal pain could mean a lot of things depending upon which trimester you are in. If you are in your 3rdor 4th this could mean pre-eclampsia which require immediate medical attention.
  2. Lower abdominal pain could be much serious than mid or upper abdomen given the fact that the foetus is present there. One of the possible causes of this pain could be a ligament tear due to stretching muscles. The other possible reasons for lower abdominal pain could be premature labour, placental abruption, a fibroid break and internal bleeding and an ectopic pregnancy.
  3. High fever without any flue or cold is when you need immediate medical attention. The fever is due to underlying infections which need to be addressed immediately.
  4. Swelling or puffiness on limbs is a common symptom during pregnancy. At the same time, if the swelling is associated with a headache, then there are possibilities of having a pre-eclampsia. Call your doctor immediately or visit a Maternity Hospital in Mumbai.
  5. Heavy vaginal bleeding combined with abdominal or back pain is a serious warning sign of a certain complication and hence you should call your doctor right away. Most of the bleeding during pregnancy is subjected to placenta position and the complications within. Keep your doctor informed about the changes happening in your body. The most important one during pregnancy phase is being well informed of your body condition and health.


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