When it comes to wedding makeup, the new age bride wants to look the best version of herself on her special day. Instead of being a caked up doll or a sparkly disco ball, she wants makeup that is lightweight and subtle. So in the run-up to her wedding, she saves reference pictures of makeup looks the bride loves, scours for latest trends on Pinterest and endeavours to hire professional bridal makeup artists that understand her aesthetic/taste.

In this post, we’re rounding up 5 bridal beauty trends that are ruling the roost this year. You can thank us later. (And if you want help with selecting the best makeup artist, download the wedding planning app WedMeGood – You can see vendor names, contact information, the price for HD + Airbrush makeup, outstation charges, portfolio images and even reviews left by real brides).


  • Dewy glowing skin – Flat matte looks are a complete no-no. Every bride wants a naturally dewy face that glows from within. Having said that, one needs to be careful that it does not turn oily or greasy. Generally, this is achieved by mixing moisturizer with foundation (some artists add a drop of highlighter to the base too). Highlighted cheekbones and a nice cream blush also help the face look like a million bucks.


  • Bold brows – We have Deepika Padukone to thank for this trend. Girls are no longer rushing to salons to thread their brows into needle thin lines. They like the natural and thick. And why not? They do make the eyes pop and frame the entire face. If your natural eyebrows aren’t that bold, your makeup artist can help them along with brow pencils and powders. Just don’t go overboard with black powders, use deeper browns or greys instead
  • Glitter eyeliner instead of shimmery eyelids – You are the bride and want to add just a touch of glitter. But you are wary because too much shimmer can look overpowering (sometimes even garnish) in photos. A safe bet is to use glitter eyeliner instead of using a glitter pot to cover the entire eyelid in sparkles. Pro tip – Use a highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop.
  • Smokey eyes (No blacks) – Smokey eyes have been a cult favourite for quite some time but what’s changed is that instead of using harsher black eyeshadows, more and more fashion-forward brides are opting for romantic brown, plum or bronze eyeshadows. Some other offbeat smokey eye choices are pinks, purples and blues. The thing to remember here is that when the eyes are dramatic, the lips should be nude to create balance. The smokey eye look is perfect for night functions like cocktail/reception. However, we’ve seen many brides rocking it on their main wedding day as well.

  • No-makeup makeup – Yes! You read it right. 2018 is the year of minimalist brides. Less is definitely more when it comes to this trend. Generally, this look is achieved by pin point concealing and using a very light, hydrating base. In addition, lots of mascara is used to give a more wide-awake look. For lips and cheeks, stains are used that are smudge proof and long lasting. If your skin is (relatively) problem free and you follow a good skincare regime, you can totally pull off this look.


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