Your lashes have the power to dramatically enhance your overall looks. Even when you have a full face of makeup, the touch of lashes that comes, in the end, is what pulls the whole thing together and completes the look.

If you ever wondered why the red carpet goddesses you see on media seem to have a natural yet almost angel-like look to them that you cannot seem to achieve, it is usually their perfectly placed eyelashes that sets them apart without being too obvious or over-the-top!

There are two main ways that you can enhance your eyelashes;

  •         Strip or regular eyelashes which you can stick temporarily
  •         Lash extensions which can last up to 4-6 weeks and look much more natural


Both these methods have their own pros and cons, and it usually comes down to personal preference. However, getting an eyelash extension done rather than sticking a pair of strip lashes every day has many pros that outweigh the cons. Let us have a quick look at using both these methods.

Strip Eyelashes

These are the regular temporary false eyelashes you see used by every beauty guru on Youtube. They come in different shapes and styles that you can choose from depending on the look that you are planning to have for the day. You can find both synthetic and human hair false lashes. They are not meant to be worn overnight or shower with. You can simply use them to enhance your look and strip them off at the end of the day.

Strip Eyelashes come in a plenty of different styles and it is important that you choose what naturally fits your eye shape unless you are going for a dramatic or extreme look. You can use a small scissor to trim the lashes to fit the length of your eye perfectly as well.

The most important part of wearing strip eyelashes is property glueing them to your eyelids that will stay there for the day without falling out or making you feel uncomfortable. This truly needs some practice, and even the professionals have their bad days when applying false eyelashes too. If you are clumsy and do not have a steady hand, strip eyelashes can be quite a pain to work with sometimes.


Pros – Cheaper / Disposable / The style can often be changed as needed

Cons – Difficult to apply / Prone to easily coming off / Can cause infections


Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a more long-lasting option for getting your eyes look sultry and beautiful at all times. You do not have to apply it on your own every day, and it is a known secret that lash extensions are the reason that the most popular figures look flawless even in they’re “no makeup” selfies on Instagram! While there are many myths out there telling that lash extensions can be damaging or delay the natural growth of your lashes, as long as you apply them well and safely, getting lash extensions is one of the most harmless ways to enhance your looks, especially eyes.


Once you get the lash extensions done, it will last for up to 5-6 weeks without having to do anything. This works perfectly for the busy modern women who handled hundred different every single day and without the time and the patience to apply strip lashes every morning. Just because you do not like to do time-consuming makeup like putting false eyelashes every day, it does not mean that you do not want to look good! Lash extensions help you get both things done at once – you can look great and you do not have to use your valuable time to do something every day. It only takes one visit to the salon every six or so weeks to look naturally beautiful from the moment you wake up to the time you go back to the bed.


There are different types of lash extensions – synthetic, mink and silk -, just like the strip lashes you are used to. However, due to a technician carefully applying for these extensions in between your natural lashes one by one, the overall look of wearing a lash extension will look much more naturally beautiful than strip lashes. Therefore, this is a great option for those who do not want to be too obvious and loud with their makeup looks as well.


Everyone has a differently beautiful eye shape and a look, and the style of the lashes should be chosen carefully in a way that flatters them the most. Once you find your style, you will surely feel confident and beautiful in your lash extensions at all times.


Cons – More expensive

Pros – Lasts much longer / more natural looking, feels more natural on the eyes / no upkeep / does not have to change often

Having eyelash extensions will definitely make your eyes stand out far more – but the choice between strip lashes and good eyelash extensions will depend on the pros and cons above, and the event you’re getting lashes for.


Author Bio:

Melissa Bergen is the owner of The Lash Spa and Australian based eyelash extension salon that specialises in natural looking lashes. She was one of the first to bring extensions to Australia in 2011. Also, she loves pugs, good coffee and relaxing by the beach!

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