Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. What matters more is if we find ourselves beautiful. Are the clothes we wear, the colours that suit us, and the hairstyles we prefer the part of our own personality? Do we carry ourselves with confidence and grace? Grooming is an essential part of our lives that imparts us the confidence to get through the day. Our hectic fast-paced lives, however, leave us with little time to get to the beauty salon regularly. It is in times like these that beauty hacks become a girl’s best friend.

Semi-permanent make up

If you are the kind who finds a salon visit tedious and time-consuming, semi-permanent makeup is the right thing for you. Eyes, eyebrows, and lips define and frame our face. The use of cosmetic tattooing techniques and semi-permanent make upkeep these in perfect shape and give it a naturally made up look that lasts for years. Head straight to the AAYNA Clinic for permanent eyebrow shaping in Delhi. It helps in lifting the eyebrows and maintaining the perfect arch shape without the need for daily touch-ups. Similarly, semi-permanent eyeliner gives you a lined look that lasts for years. This treatment can also be used to define the lip borders giving the impression of fuller lips.

Elmer’s Glue for the win

Glittery nail paint looks great for a night out with the girls or on a date night but it may be a hassle to remove the glitter before you rush off to work in the morning. Ditch the base coat and use Elmer’s Glue instead. Now apply your glitter nail paint as usual. When it comes to removing this polish, just find a rough edge and peel off Elmer’s Glue. The paint will come off without any hassle.

The smoky eye look

Deciding to go out for dinner or to a party can quickly turn embarrassing; particularly if you do not have the right makeup to make you look bright and glitzy. The smouldering smoky eyes look is a no-fail but all you have on you is an old kajal pencil or pencil eyeliner. Fret not. Use a match or a cigarette lighter and hold the tip of the pencil to the flame for a couple of seconds. Let this cool for about 15 more seconds and voila! Your gel liner is ready. Go in for that smudged look.

The no shampoo wash

You certainly can’t look beautiful without great hair, right? And yet you seem to run out of shampoo in the shower on an important day. Fret not, grab the tin of baking soda from your kitchen. Baking soda wash is great for the hair as it strips off the grime and oil and leaves your hair looking fresh and fabulous. If it is conditioner that you seem to run out of, a cup of your favourite Greek yoghurt will work wonders. Do remember to rinse out the soda or yoghurt well and use a mild serum when the hair is still wet.

Learn the perfume hacks

Nothing complements your beauty like the sweet notes of your favourite perfume. To make your perfume last longer store the bottle in its box, away from sunlight. The bathroom is not a good place to store the perfume because of the humidity. Also, do not rub your wrists after spraying with perfume. This will only make the scent fade quickly. Never spray perfume directly on to your clothes – even the most expensive ones may leave a stain.

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