Drop a cute makeup sponge that’s pink, drop ten – I’m here for all of them. I can’t just resist a hot pink sponge, being a little bit obsessed with pink really sucks. So, long ago when I spotted this pink beauty sponge, with numerous online claims and positive reviews, I got this. Today, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on this cute thing.

Price: $20

HOW I USE IT? Damp the sponge under running tap water, squeeze and remove excess water. If the sponge is dirty after previous makeup application you can clean using the face-wash that foams and then clean it with water. Keep the wet sponge on a towel if available. Bounce foundation, powder or any other Face-makeup product across the face for flawless results.

My Experience?

The first thing that attracts is like I told you it’s shape, colour and packaging. Everything screams cuteness. Also, I had problems with my other foundation brushes as none of them ever gave me a streak-free application. I was mostly looking for something that would just make my foundation application process simple and more enjoyable.

Initially, I only used it with my liquid foundations, it was after I saw YouTube Beauty Guru Nikkie baking with her damp beauty blender. That’s when I started experimenting and blending different makeup products using this sponge.
Since the material is aqua-activated it quickly expands and becomes soft. I really didn’t like the pink colour shedding even if the company claims its non-toxic (which I agree) but still, I would prefer something that retains its colour. Maybe I’ll go for the colourless beauty sponge next time.
The process of foundation application becomes very easy when you stipple it on your skin, it literally makes your concealer and foundation look well-blended! You can also use it to apply powders or for liquid and creams and it makes everything look flawless.

I’m very much attracted to such Game changer products! After using it three times I decided that I was going to now officially switch from brushes to a blender. The high-quality material used to produce BeautyBlender makes it unique compared to other products. I’ve tried so many beauty sponges but none of them lasted more than a month (which is a sad reality), while I’m using BeautyBlender daily for over 2 months now and it still looks so new. I’m impressed!

Also, I would like to compare BeautyBlender with YBP and PAC cosmetics sponges and honestly they were not half as soft as the Original beauty blender. None of the sponges was able to give me flawless finish like the beauty blender. While one sponge is good with liquid other is good with powders, personally, I feel like beauty blender works with all kinds of textures and formulas. I’ll definitely recommend it to everyone!

What I Like?

  1. Applies Evenly
  2. High Quality
  3. Smooth Finish
  4. Best for Liquid, Powder
  5. Allows for buildable coverage
  6. Applies Evenly
  7. Cruelty-Free
  8. Smooth Finish
  9. Soft
  10. Versatile

Final Verdict: Whether you’re looking for a something to blend cream foundation or a contour foundation, this beauty sponge is a must-have essential that will give you a flawless finish and won’t cause any product wastage.

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