Let me begin this by saying that I’ve been skipping lashes for months.
I just haven’t been using it! Last few months I had this extreme makeup minimalism thing going on. Basically, it wasn’t like I started hating false lashes but I no longer felt the need to do my lashes to impress anyone. It’s not like I didn’t miss my lashes & drama, but with the full-time work thing now, I thought of eliminating some makeup from my daily routine.

Finally, when I received these lashes from Florres I thought why not give it a try, I’m happy to say this but Florres Mink lashes made me fall in love with eyelashes again. My love for eye-make once again blossomed and it feels like my search for good quality lashes now comes to an end.
These lashes are so gorgeous and they feel like your natural lashes. They are not too bold or dramatic which is what I like. Also, these lashes instantly opened up my eyes, which is what a good pair of lashes do. They look great in the pictures too. Definitely, recommend. :-)

What do I like about Florres Lashes?

Blends Well
Easy Removal
Easy To Apply
Good Colors
Good Pigmentation
Long Lasting
Smooth Look
These lashes are so much like natural lashes.

Final Verdict: 
Honestly these lashes were made for innocent winking. With a perfect flare at the outer corner, and a unique pattern across the band, these lashes were made to make you instantly gorgeous ! 

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